Does anybody remember an article from a few months back about a kind of "church alternative"?

A few months back, Cory (?) wrote an article about a kind of social meeting that was rather like a non-secular church alternative. I tried searching the history but found nothing. Does anyone remember this article?

I wish I had a better sense of what the article said, but all I really remember is it sounded interesting.


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Was it this one?


That was it! Thanks!

Longer ago than I thought… A couple months, a couple years… Wut evah.

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The way I like to see it - everything is an alternative, to everything which is not itself. Words to live by!

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I don’t think that word means what you think it means.


Some sort of regular, local get-together in the service of higher aims than making a buck is definitely an element missing from secular life generally.

Right now there are rallies for Bernie, but I’m not sure if there’s anything to continue the vibe after he loses the primaries :frowning:

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There’s always the pub.


A fair point. How about this: anti-non-secular?

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It doesn’t not work

Getting sozzled, although quite essential and a much worthier aim than getting rich, probably doesn’t rate super high in the community development stakes…

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