Does anyone at AT&T netops read Boing Boing?

message relay != message submission : )

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Why would I run my own mail server when I can use yours?

(Sits in a dark corner quietly, slightly grinning)


Eh, I just use AOL and plain text CC everything to I hope they got my Christmas cards as well.


I see what you did here.

(grumbles over forensic tools)


Back to the question at hand:

  • Don’t know where my notes are on this (still sick, so still fuzzy-thinking);
  • This was a few years ago, so the names and numbers have probably changed anyway.

When I was having a horror of a time with AT&T (why are monopolies a good thing?) I finally did the research to find out the name and direct email address for the CEO. Not the head of any division…the CEO himself. I kept that email as short and professional as humanly possible, and I laid out for him how incompetent his employees were making his company look.

Within a short time, I got a call from his assistant. She gave me both her direct line work number and her personal cell phone number (astonishing, but true), and told me that she would be personally overseeing the problem until it was fixed. It took a while, having been FUBAR up to that point, but it really did get fixed as a result. And yes, there were times I called her on that personal cell phone, although I made sure to be reasonable about the time factor, knowing what time zone she was in.

You have to go outside the expected customer service track to get results.


I could have sworn they were now requiring two-pass ROT13 now.


Your ISP blocking 25 only matters if you’re running the server from your house, and I don’t know anyone who does that any more. Hosting is cheaper than an overpriced “business-class” connection that doesn’t block ports. Nobody should be using 25 for MUA➔MTA.

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Unless you know Cory or myself, since obviously we both do.

My house has contained an efficient and standards compliant network for well over 20 years. I was sending and recieving email from my basement before anyone at comcast knew what IP stood for.

The reason nobody does it anymore is because corporate giants have crushed all the mom & pop ISPs that used to provide unfiltered Internet. All the remaining providers are practicing Orwellian traffIc shaping and port blocking.

Edit: I had a hunch I should have said “Cory, @shaddack or myself”! :slight_smile:


Do you know me well enough to invalidate this claim?


I do happen to have an excellent local mom & pop ISP that’s been successful and growing. What I don’t have at my home is reliable power (much less generator backup) or on-call DC staff or security guards or a clean agent fire-suppression system. It’s fun to have a basement full of blinkenlights but at least in my case it doesn’t make sense.

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You don’t need them. Tested, proven experimentally.

I have neither (though the power is fairly stable and a decent UPS rig takes care of the short blackouts and messages my phone that the power went down, and I wouldn’t mind the fire stuff but the bureaucrats banned the halon agents which therefore got a bit too expensive, some bulk organic chemistry synthesis is being considered).

To run a server for yourself you don’t need most of the enterprise-level crap. If it is low-utilization, you can even have a raspberry pi class hot spare to get you through eventual malfunctions, or stomach the couple hours of downtime once per year or three.

My jealousy is indescribable. Seriously.

I am an accomplished dumpster diver. Ow! Sprained my arm patting myself on my back! I’ve got four 30 amp UPS units (gave the other four away).


Those are sweet! I also like to rebuild UPSs, but mine are nowhere that big.


Intellectual property?

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