Does Boing Boing work on a Windows 8 touchscreen for anyone else?

Using Chrome on my new Lenovo Yoga in tablet mode, touching links works fine just as you’d expect, navigate to Boing Boing and touching links no longer works.

Every link I hit on the front page (headlines and blue links) opens up the zoomed-in pane view of a link, like when you’re touching a tiny link on a mobile phone. Touching the now-zoomed-in link just re-opens that zoomed-in view, and so on again and again. I can’t actually go to any link.

Touching the article paragraph text itself does let me through, however.

This is the only site I’ve experienced this on. From a quick glace I couldn’t even tell if this is the native zoomed-in touch pane (which I hadn’t seen before on a laptop) or some CSS thing you’ve done. (I can open the dev tools, but the window goes away when I touch the inspector.)

Deets: Windows 8.1 pro, Chrome 39. @beschizza

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I use it all the time in IE11 on my Surface Pro 3. In fact that is how I am typing this message…

The touch browser experience is catastrophically bad on Windows 8 outside IE though. Very limited and typically half hearted at best support for touch.

(also are you referring to BB home page or BBS in your post?)

Boing Boing home page – touch works fine in BBS, and, indeed, within BB articles.

Does it work in IE11 touch on the BB home page?

Hmm, IE works fine, so it’s just Chrome. That probably rules out “weird touch-specific javascript coded by @beschizza.” It’s just odd that I’ve only seen it on BB. I think it must be some CSS-related thing. Chrome thinks that the front-page links are too small and need to be popped-up – and then popped up again when you click in the popped-up pane.

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