Dog enjoys personal ball pit


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I’d seen a little gif of this dog in his own personal ball pit, going nuts with happiness, and had no idea that it was prefaced by a dude talking about “buying some FUCKING balls for his MOTHERFUCKING BALL PIT MOTHERFUCKER”. Thank you for skipping to the good stuff and man, I’m glad I didn’t send this to my mom.

Full disclosure: I have a fully fledged ball pit in my house. It’s awesome to hang out in and play video games. My dog is terrified of the balls and wants nothing to do with it.


Looks pretty much like how dogs react to snow.


This is why the universe exists, - Dog, probably.


Dog person satisfaction garentee.


Can’t let my dog see this or I’ll spend the weekend making her a dog ball pit.


so, this is great and all, but when you’re done with your dog ball pit, where do you store them? it’s not like they will fit in a storage tub in a closet…


I don’t think you’re meant to keep dogs in storage tubs.


Watched a couple of his other videos out of curiosity. Nope. Serious dysfunction. Got enough of that already.


Could donate the plastic balls to any number of places, otherwise take them to get recycled i’d hope.


i KNEW someone was going to say that… :neutral_face:


Maybe it’s been my morning, but all I can think about is that there will be a shit in with those balls


It’s like a surprise!


It’s missing a reporter explaining to us how the colored balls are usually all on the ‘outside’ of the ship. :thinking:


Fetch the ball, boy!

:dog: ‘which ball master?’



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