Dog wants ball


How dare you share images of a poor dog being tortured! I can not believe Boing Boing! You guys should be ashamed!


“Tries, gives up, cries.”

Sounds like the story of my love life.


How do you not give the dog the ball? How do you film the whole thing and not give the dog the damned ball?!


The dog obviously can get up on the sofa, but he knows he’s not allowed. So his owner forbids him to get up there, and then puts his favorite toy there, and then films the hilarity and puts it on Youtube. It’s a form of psychological torture. That’s how.


Learn to use tools already!

I dunno, some of those overbred dogs can barely walk.

I was just going to say, at least you don’t have to worry about him getting up on the couch.
I don’t think it’s obvious he can.

I had a dog who loved retrieving sticks from water. But then he’d pee on them. So it was a short game.

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Whoever filmed this without helping the dog is a monster! A MONSTER!

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The dog was in on it, it’s just a really good actor.

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You need to pee on it first so that he knows that it is your stick.

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Well, that certainly looks like a healthy breed of canine.

That ball is pretty torn up. Time to replace it before the dog eats some of it.

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