A Boy’s Best Friend

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Weird bastards abuse dogs too. Who would have guessed?

Mind you, I would never let a dog on the sofa/couch.

That video is cute and all, but praising a dog for doing something problematic is a really bad idea.

The dog snaps at the mom (playfully, granted), and the mom’s reaction is to pet the dog and praise it.

It’s going to be a lot less funny when the dog decides “Wait, they WANT me to put my mouth on folks when they do something I don’t like?”


That was kind of heartbreaking. Sorry that happened to you.


Dogs are smarter than you think. That dog very much knows the difference between playful movements and actually biting someone.

Your argument is similar to the crap they say about violent video games are making our kids into violent killers. I was raised on DOOM and Quake and to this day I haven’t yet shot anyone, no matter how much they deserved it!


I’m just here for the doxies.


I’m aware of the controversy regarding the dog’s behavior in the video. However, the two humans are laughing and completely relaxed, and it’s obvious that this has happened before, so they decided to film it the next time it happened. Both humans and dog seem happy, but I really don’t know much about dogs.

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What kind of sick fuck thinks that this is ok?


When I was a little kid, I somehow taught or figured out how to trigger an old family friend’s dog into a growling/snarling frenzy that would transform into a licking fest once I gave the signal (don’t recall the trigger and don’t recall the cessation signal). Drove my mom and her friend crazy with fear, which guaranteed that I would do it every time that we visited her.

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Didn’t you read the rest of the article? He was a sick fuck.

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I did – and it still boggles my mind.

Sometimes I wonder what the experiences were of the other kids living in my building. Did he succeed in molesting them?


I was a paperboy for a while as kid, and of course, like postmen, dogs were always out to get us. One couple in particular had a small dog that nipped at my heels once, and instinctively (I guess) I growled and lunged at it, and off it ran. This tactic has served me well, particularly when I started running Cross Country in high school. I still wonder if (like Robin Williams in “The World According To Garp” ) I would have the guts to actually “bite back” if attacked by a dog.

But I love dogs, I am always friendly to random dogs on the street, and usually win over even the most reticent ones.

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This actually surprises me. I’ve had dogs in my life for the majority of it and it’s clear to me that the dog is in “play mode”, is not stressed and is not actively viewing the actions of the parent to be a threat, but that of a game. It’s important to remember that since dogs don’t have thumbs, they interact with the world primarily using their mouths, so biting is a very large gray area from expressing love to attacking.

One of my current dogs seems outright vicious to people who don’t know him when he and I play and he bites me on the arm. Biting my bare skin he never (has never) breaks the skin and while seemingly aggressive he takes great care with his play bite because he’s learned that despite being alpha, I’m the most fragile member of the pack. Conversely, my rescue dog with socialization issues seems harmless and meek, but will actually bite at anyone – aggressively - that approaches me when my back is turned.

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This is the saddest aspect of dogs IMO – they don’t know that he is a sick fuck. IMO dogs take on 100% of their owner’s personality. Bad people make bad dogs. It is 100% the owners fault and in this example is simply an extension of the owner’s psychosis.


I get it. Honestly. I grew up with soft mouthed dogs. But no dog of mine is going to get away with letting its teeth contact my or anyone else’s skin. And I’ve successfully trained my dog accordingly.

The reason is because he might have interacted with people who are fragile. Both physically and emotionally. I don’t like the idea of him play-mouthing a baby, or giving a stranger with dog fear a heart attack. So it’s no mouthing for my boys at all.


He does.

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He put your own hand on your crotch? That is weird.

Damn straight it’s weird.

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