Corgi attempts to convince human baby to play, fails adorably


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Wait… Humans are awesome, and puppies are awesome, so human puppies should be extra awesome, right?

Is there something wrong with my calculations, or with this particular one, it won’t even play…


This is really adorable and all, but I feel like if I had a baby, and a dog, there is no way on Earth I would let the dog get that close to my baby’s face. Dogs can do unpredictable things, and sometimes just misjudge and do damage when they don’t mean to. Happened to my Aunt, and she ended up having a chunk of her lip bitten off by the dog that, apparently, misjudged and grabbed ahold by accident. Not cool.


And so you’ll never produce a new Rome. Et Tu Brute?!

I was thinking the same thing. It may be a corgi, but it thinks like a dingo. If there wasn’t an adult in the room, that kid would be lunch.

Mowgli is fiction, you know.

Aww, what a sweetie :blush:

That vine did look a bit dangerous.
But it certainly was cute!

I attended a seminar for service dog training given by an English animal behaviorist and he said the same thing. A dog, at the end of the day, is a dog and its behavior might change because of health issues or something that just triggers a reaction and it isn’t worth exposing children to that very real possibility. For all the arguments people will bring up, being raised with dogs and no fears, there are plenty of horrible incidents that should make any caring, intelligent parent stop and think about what’s more important–a cute photo shoot or their child’s face, hands, arms, etc.


Listen to your gut feeling.

I loves you Corgi…

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I do not doubt the risk at all, but if you are living with a dog in the first place, then I am still not so sure that some degree of supervised interaction isn’t a net positive.

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First kid, everything’s bubble-wrapped. Third kid, you’re letting 'em eat off the floor and play with snakes.


I think I found the problem step. Some humans are awesome.

Oh, I’d be the first to question that statement; but dogs are the wolves we’ve genetically engineered to believe that, even in the face of contrary evidence, so it seemed like a reasonable axiom for hypothetical corgi-reasoning.

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