Dog enjoys standing and walking on hind legs in pool

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Shameful cultural appropriation.


What are the odds it just wants to keep its head above the waterline no matter what because it has already peed in the pool?


Hey, whatever works, right?

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“Hey, look at me, this is how you look!
Der, der, der!”



According to PETA, the dog owns the copyright to the video.

ETA: For those wondering, I was referencing PETA blowing money on a frivolous lawsuit suggesting Celebes crested macaques monkey owned the copyright to their selfies of which (naturally) PETA should be given custody.

This is why you should give your charity dollars to the Humane Society instead.



way to beat the heat doggo

I can’t sure, he might just look like that, but that looks less like a happy face to me and more like “I don’t feel like swimming at the moment and this is better than sinking.”

Then again, none of my dogs have ever really enjoyed swimming, so I’m biased.

Dammit, I love dogs.

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Labs always want to be in the water. I used to have two of them and I couldn’t keep them out when we’d go to the beach or elsewhere. In this video, she looks like she’s paying close attention to her owner.
They were bred for retrieving game from the water - and land.

Thanks for the insight!

The dog didn’t take the picture/video in question so it’s not at all analogous to PETA’s argument in the macaques monkey lawsuit.


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