Dog unnervingly still as others frolic amid pool chaos


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Now that’s a seriously focused dog. Give her a ball and find something for her to do.


Kinda looks like a Chesapeake… get 'em around water, they will find something to fetch.


Odd… I can’t get the video to show up at all on Firefox, even with all ad- and tracker-blocking disabled.


Do you have the built-in Tracking Protection enabled? (the little icon left of the SSL padlock in the address bar). If that’s enabled (which it is by default), FB video embeds don’t work.


“Throw her a ball”???

C’mon. . . anytime you see someone, human or canine, completely still in the water with a faraway look, it can mean only one thing. . . she’s peeing.


Ah hah, yes, it looks like that’s the cause. Good to know. Wish it gave more information about why the content could track you (Facebook’s a no-brainer, but I didn’t realize it was a Facebook embed).


That dog is up to no good.


Hey, that is a Vizsla. They are pretty mellow dogs. Great noses and loves hunting birds.


Thank you–I should have recognized that. In 2015 the Viszla Club and Dalmatian Club had their national specialties at the same place. Running into hordes of Viszlas–they always traveled in packs of at least four–was always fun.

They were such sweet dogs.


They are great dogs. And their short hair is both soft (especially the ears), and while it sheds, it doesn’t get everywhere like longer haired dogs.

My dad had 2 in his life, and bred one twice. So many puppies…

They are great bird dogs, like I said. Used by Hungarian royalty! But they are also great with kids and good family dogs.


Now if a human did that at recess, they’d be sent to the counselor’s office.


The dog version of this guy?


“I’m not a strong swimmer.”


Hey you! I know you! I know you!

One of my all time favorites.


That dog clearly isn’t into it and wants out of the water. That’s a “help me you sadistic bastard” look.


Has that dog been watching Enter the Dragon?


I can totally tell which dog doesn’t have ADHD.


Absolutely. Some elderly friends who came over from Hungary after '56 had one, and it was quite regal, smart, loyal and sweet. Perfect combination of dog qualities.


All dogs are supposed to have ADHD. If yours doesn’t, then you might have a defective dog.