Dog Goldberg machine by Purina Beneful


cute, but please don’t feed your pets purina :frowning:


They missed a Golden opportunity to use a dog processing their food and depositing the results as a trigger, but perhaps it was a timing issue. I know that my Golden would have come through on cue for them, as he is a rapid and reliable dog food processing machine. I’m sure that if I fed him Purina, his processing efficiency would only increase.

Otherwise, quite impressive.

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Cute, but I smell CGI. Some of the mechanical movements are just too smooth.

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The ball and cans at the beginning scream CGI as does the Newton’s cradle. Way too smooth.

It’s a shame that it doesn’t appear to have all been done in-camera like the similar Honda Cog advert, but I guess with dogs involved it’s going to be substantially trickier to get it all done in one take.

Yes, they used CGI, but it was composed by the Border collie so it’s OK.


I feed the feral cats better quality food.


They could have changed the poop color to pink or gold or something to make it more acceptable to the uninitiated. To be PC it should drop into a bag or pooper scooper that triggers another action.

Clever, but lacks the sheer joy and energy of OK GO’s “White Knuckles” video.

Why? Does it make pets unhealthy?

First of all, i’m not a veterinarian, just an owner. Also, i refer to Purina throughout this writing, but i’m not railing on them specifically, its just quicker to type that brand name so everyone knows what type of ‘food’ im referring to.

The problem in a nutshell is the lack of regulation & a relentless obsession on the part of manufacturers to cut cost. A similiar situation led to the problem experienced by humans in Britian/Europe with the horsemeat in low-cost meat products. Unilever & Nestle are some of the biggest players in the pet food market, & look at what they do with their human products! Just like they sell ‘foods’ to humans that are terrible for them, they do that SAME behavior with their pet products.

It also has to do with creative labelling and advertising. Looking at the outside of a Purina bag, all the imaging & wording tries its best imply the the food is healthy & your pet will look like the healthy happy pet on the bag. Wording discusses nutrients & vitamins. However, the content inside is basically the pink-slime version of dog food. There are no standards or quality control regulations for pet food. Frequently the bone meal used in pet food comes from other euthanized pets, as an example. Another example: chicken-meal, a processed product of beaks/feet/discarded chicken parts!! Seriously!! The only reason your dog will eat this stuff? Same reason we will eat processed foods: high in fat. Purina sprays the food with rendered animal fats to make dogs wolf (pardon my pun) it down.

In addition, the formula in Purina & other pet foods is the problem itself. Dogs are more susceptible to problems related to high-blood sugar than humans, and the number 1 ingredient in Purina specifically? Corn meal, which is corn, something dogs are NOT evolutionarily designed to eat & has a super high glycemic index!! I’m pretty sure they now are aware people are wise to this, the last time i looked at the bag they split the corn meal into “different” ingredients to make them further down the list, like ‘ground yellow corn 2’ ‘corn gluten meal 2’ rather than just one ‘corn meal’ that would be ingredient one. Also in relation to the ingredient list: beef, chicken, and other meats are referring to their PRE-COOKED weight as a sneaky way of getting them higher up the list!

For cats, the situation is more severe. If you have a cat, do not feed them crap food. Period. Cats are carnivores & cannot properly digest grain products. Remember what i was saying about the grain content in Purina & others? Its the majority of the product. Do not feed these sort of products to your cat.

I don’t want this post to get too long because i don’t want people to be able to pick apart certain things i say, since i’m not an expert. You should ask your vet for the straight facts, though alot of times they get free food for their facilities from large brands so they actually might not be impartial :\

If i had to say anything, i’d say that we all know you get what you pay for. And $13 for a bag of Innova or whatever is definitely the right choice considering Purina is still like $9. If you have problems with your pets poop (runny/odd smell/weird colors) or with them loosing or having poor fur, they might be suffering from a diet which doesn’t provide what they need. You might already be seeing the damage from these products but not know it.

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