Adorable doggo turns 12 and gets a Big Mac to celebrate her birthday


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Mcdonald’s isn’t fit as dog food either.


Quite the Happy Meal.

It looks like she’s lovin’ it.


Recent news stories have suggested that only 1 in 5 millennials have tried a Big Mac, but they didn’t say anything about millennial doggos.

Could open up a whole new market for the golden arches.


“That’s all? That’s all? That’s all? The pilgrims got a turkey, you know.”


InB4 “Big Macs ain’t people food neither.”

To be fair, they’re no substitute for the Double Whopper w/ Cheese.


“Only a few chips because they’re way too salty and not to good for her.”

um, a Big Mac has 1000mg of sodium. an entire large fry has only 300. head-scratch.


I haven’t had a big mac in many years, because if I’m eating at mcdonalds, it’s because I’m broke and need something fast, off the dollar menu. I wonder if it’s about value vs something else.


That’s half a cubic centimeter of salt in a Big Mac. Sounds disgusting.


Hope they asked for “No onion”. Onions + dogs is very dangerous. Causes hemolytic anemia. Basically causes the red blood cells in your dog to burst.


My dog has a mix of orijien and acana as his daily meal but I’m not so anal I’d get preachy about him eating a big mac every now and then. Like "oh no crap quality but totally FDA approved beef with thousand island dressing, soggy iceberg lettuce, garbage cheese, pickles and onions on shit bread with sesame seeds the world is ending!!!


Good Pip! Good, good Pip!


Dogs are pretty omnivorous. I’ve seen them eat all kinds of things worse than big macs.


5 minutes later, a) doggo owner, b) doggo, c) both, subsequently had a heart attack and died.


[quote=“Space_Monkey, post:13, topic:87412”]
Dogs are pretty omnivorous. I’ve seen them eat all kinds of things worse than big macs.
[/quote]Considering some dogs think litter boxes are buffets, yeah, Big Macs do get a pass.


Did she also get pancreatitis for her 12th b-day (post super fatty meal)?

But seriously folks, it’s all fun and games until your dog gets pancreatitis. I can’t tell you how many cases I’ve seen where a dog was fed some human food, or go into the garbage, and ate steak trimmings, etc… Fortunately most are covered with supportive care, but I have seen a couple of really ugly fatal cases.

And yes, I get that most dogs will be perfectly fine scarfing down the rare big-mac, with perhaps no symptoms, or maybe just slightly softer stool, but it’s all good until it’s not… And when it’s not, it’s super painful and occasionally fatal.


Love bassets and this one is a cutie. That girl deserves her burger. Oh, and the onion thing… yeah one Big Mac is not going to affect her at all.



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