Bigfoot, the crazy "it's aliens" guy, and a lot of odd stuff in latest attempt to sell Big Macs

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Selling poison as basic human sustenance is big business.


The breakfasts are pretty good.

Good God, man! I think your tastebuds are broken.


Fine print: “two meals per week for 50 years.”

If you think about it, two meals a week for 50 years from a fast food chain probably will kill you, therefore, the claim that this is “for life” may not be too far off the mark.


So the actuaries included a diet of Big Mac and fries when they did their calculations?

The Centauri Republic are not amused by this pale imitator.


“It’s real. Like Aliens.”

I’m confused. Is it real? Or is it real like aliens?

Has McDonald’s just endorsed aliens as reality?

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When you get done making fun of McD’s, the ad itself was pretty brilliant. I think there’s some kind of award, and this agency should win it.

Even though the Shwedagon Pagoda is not the “lost city of gold.”

Wow! They ripped off Ancient Aliens (one of the best SF shows on TV) and even got Giorgio to shill for them…impressive and depressing at once. Happily, Friday means a new episode appears tonight!

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Yeah, and they got it on BB without having to spend a dime.

I assume.


It is not marked as sponsored. It is there only because it entertained me.




Supersize Me.

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I’ll buy that for a dollar. . . if it’s on the dollar menu.

I usually won’t eat at McD’s, but it’s hard to screw up an egg sandwich, so Egg McMuffins are OK once in a while, and when they had their $1 iced coffee deal I was there for the watered down brew. Like KFC or most any fast food joint, it’s junk food, but junk food is OK as a snack, just don’t treat it like an honest meal.

Wonders if they’re following some other High Street’s legendary card

On road trips a sausage mcmuffin with egg can’t be beat.


I would like Don Gorske to weigh in on this.

Even worse, it’s two meals (up to $7 each) per week, so it won’t even cover a medium Big Mac Meal in a lot of states according to

So the maximum prize is $36,400. A $12,000 annuity investment would cover that.

He doesn’t even have any … attributes!

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I think they sell them in the sausage.