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“…maybe McRib will help.”

Or pumpkin spice burgers. It is fall after all.


Or perhaps donut burgers? Mmmm… donut burgers.

Joking aside, it doesn’t appear (at least from the article) that actually improving the nutritional quality of the choices on the menu was given much consideration.

Of course, that would eliminate the oh-so-delectible donut burger, but it might make more sense than essentially admitting your food is so worthless you’ve decided to market yourself as a casino instead.


At least it’s not as bad as Krusty Burger’s disastrous 1984 Olympics promotion.

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Times have changed.


Don’t know how politically-motivated crackdowns on a franchise symbolic of the West amounts to a real change in Russian consumer demand for McDonald’s.


Here’s a better idea than the McRib: all menu items all the time.


This right here, especially breakfast all day/night.

The local McD’s are packed (or at least steady busy) all morning on the weekends and do pretty decent during the week as well.


One general trend I’ve noticed, not just at McDonalds but at other big chains too, is that the in-store menus only show a fraction of the things they serve. Technically they still serve them, and have them in their system with up to date prices, etc., but they aren’t list and it is variable whether a particular cashier knows about them.

For example, did you know McDonalds at breakfast will let you order an Egg and Cheese Biscuit, no meat? Or that they have a 20 piece 2 person McNugget meal (comes with 2 fries, 2 drinks) for $9.99? I saw each of those on McDonald’s menus exactly one time, not at the same location. I have ordered each at 3 other locations that never listed it but were happy to make it once I found a cashier who was able to find it in their system.

So yeah - vast or tiny, you need to have a menu and know what is on it (your customers need to know too!) before you can run a successful business. I don’t think number of items limits speed that much since they all use the same couple of ingredients, but seriously, documentation matters.


There is something to be said for keeping your menu super simple.

Consider Wendy’s, when it first started, they served four things: burgers, chili, frosty, and fries.

I recall dining there as a teen and that the biggest bottleneck seemed to be how fast the cashier could take your payment and count back your change. The order was literally being presented as you put your wallet back in your pocket.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much what McDonald’s served, back when Ray Kroc bought the name from the actual McDonald brothers, minus the chili.

I used to work construction, and got stuck tagging along with ‘the guys’ for lunch a lot, which usually ended up to be McDonalds. I don’t think the people that patronize those types of places give a shit about the nutritional value of the food. If they cared at all about that type of thing, they wouldn’t go there to begin with. And I don’t believe there’s any amount of meddling that is going to make a slab of tortured carcass between to slices of white bread any healthier anyways.


The mcrib is an interesting thing in commodity economics, it places a price floor on the pork market. When the price drops to a set level mcdonalds runs the promotion and buys contracts for the duration to lock the price on the surplus, once heard it called the mcrib put.


There are tons of reports out there that McDonald’s doesn’t have the physical cooking space to offer two full lines simultaneously. They do offer a combination of menus at some places after midnight, but not the full product lines and not during hours of peak demand.

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Would :heart:, but on enforced cool-down period.

McDonald’s moved from being a status symbol to a contraband franchise.

I’ve never had McD’s give me grief about any breakfast combination. I’ve been known to get the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit with cheese and egg… And they actually have two different styles of egg, scrambled and folded.

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And? The corporation obviously has enough time and money to sit around and think up new menu items that are suppose to make people flock back in, yet they already have a vast staple of them and choose not to exploit it. If you need more grill and heater space add it, if you need to streamline the menu do it, at least work with what you have instead of keep trying to invent the next big thing.

Maybe they should have another ad campaign promoting their ‘legally defined as edible “food”’?

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That’s actually based on McDonalds for-real 1984 Olympics promotion. No russians, we took all the golds! Big macs all around!

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