Palatable dishes from McDonald's feedstock


It seems like cheating to give them ingredients all the way at the bottom of the supply chain straight from the farm. It’s basically: can you make something good from beef, potatoes, bread, cream, etc…?

I was hoping for more transformed hamburger patties, less “piece of steak with my own sauce on it.” I guess he go the pomegranates and blueberries from the desserts and salads?


Salads! Of course! I was wondering about the pomegranate myself!

Edit - oops! Apparently they have a Blueberry-Pomegranate smoothie!

Yeah, even I, who has burned water, could make something that way.

I guess that they felt that restaurant supplies probably wouldn’t have resulted in edible.


I guess McDonald’s “PR EVENT” worked.

McDonalds on BoingBoing. Really?

I was never a McDonald’s fan, but after seeing Morgan Spurlock vomit out of his car window after eating a rancid Egg McMuffin (in his classic film “Super Size Me”) I swore off McDonalds and most chain fast food for good and for the good of my health. Seeing a McDonalds reference on BoingBoing is just disheartening.

What’s next, Bud Lite and Clamato shout outs followed with Kit Kat bars?


Sounds like . I think they go a bit overboard when they start making flour by pulverizing buns, however.

A quick search reveals 10 pages of McDonalds articles on BoingBoing, covering everything from Durian smoothies to vintage uniforms.


Whatever entertainment value it may have, Super Size Me leaves something to be desired as far as journalistic accuracy is concerned and has been torn apart accordingly many times.

P.S. The vomiting scene was a Big Mac and not a “rancid” Egg McMuffin. (At no point in the film did he actually eat something objectively “rancid”, and in fact no restaurant would likely be able to get away with that.)


Well, I was specifically referring to the story at hand. Thanks for your research though!

It sounds like you’re very familiar with many aspects of Spurlock’s film. I thought it was an Egg McMuffin. I stand corrected. It’s a glaring error, I know. Obviously I added the “rancid” part - when someone vomits up a Big Mac out their car window, I would just assume the Big Mac is rancid. I guess it must have been the actual natural make-up of the Big Mac that caused the vomiting and not any apparent or percieved intrinsic rancidness.

Other than “Super-Size Me” being short on “journalistic accuracy” - how did you like it?
I mean, how journalistically accurate does a movie have to be before you (personally) have to tear it apart?

In conclusion, the restaurant industry is known for overtly or inadvertently serving bad or rancid food to guests.
I’m sure much creeping rancid McFood has slipped by many-a-McDonalds food inspector

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No problem - just saying that McDonald’s references on Boing Boing are nothing new. McDonald’s has a weird place in popular culture that makes it unlikely to not be covered by Boing Boing, whether (slightly) positively or (usually) negatively, especially if it’s something a little odd (like showing that if you skirt around their actual production methods you can actually make good food out of the same things they turn into crap!).

God help us all if they ever have a banana burger (Just Look At It!!!) or steampunk happy meal toys.


Have you considered that perhaps the whole thing was staged, at least to some degree, for dramatic effect? Do you not think it’s an odd coincidence that the very first meal of his “experiment” happens to induce such an extreme reaction the likes of which is not seen in the remainder of the film?

However good McDonald’s PR may be, if Big Macs could reliably induce vomiting, people would not buy them.


I guess you missed the fried Oreo thingie.

For what it’s worth, he ralphed up a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which is 283 grams and 750 calories, as opposed to the relatively svelte Big Mac, which is 215 grams and “only” 550 calories. And it was supersized, with large fries and a 42-oz Coke.

When I was his age, I was his size (6’2" and 185 pounds), and that would also have been my lunch order of choice, had I been at a McDonalds (presumably there being no Wendy’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr, or Burger King closer to hand, since McDonalds burgers aren’t close to my favorites). Don’t know if it’s because of his prior eating habits or what, but somebody ralphing in the parking lot of a McDonalds isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence.


I love the Mc D hate from people that are proud to say they never eat there.

It’s not the place that’s making people fat, it’s the people that eat it as a daily meal.

Look at any school picture from the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s. You’ll see very few overweight children. Mc D’s was a treat once a month or so while on road trip or shopping.

What’s changed isn’t Mc Donald’s fault; in fact it could also be connected to stay at home parents (Moms) going in the work force and looking for a quick meal. It could also be connected to rising prices for ‘essentials’ in the home budgets like internet access and cable TV; and using the internet and video games as a substitute for ‘playing outside’ and ‘no time to cook’ for the working poor.

Personally I’d love Mc’ds to go back to serving beef tallow fried fries. Just a small portion of those and you were full. The Nutritionists have a hand in the blame for this.


You’re in for a lot of disappointment. One of the confounding things about BoingBoing is its stubborn refusal to consistently adhere to one person’s likes and dislikes.

Damn them all to hell.


Unless you are Mark - That guy likes everything.


If you don’t like the McDonald’s article you could always go back to one of the umpteen fawning articles on Disney rides, like the Haunted Mansion.


Oh, it ain’t me not liking things. I don’t click on the crap that don’t interest me none. But I also don’t expect to like everything, here or anywhere else.


behold the power of autosuggestion. or maybe syrup of ipecac.