Danny Trejo, aka "Uncle Machete" says it's ok to share food with your dog; Here are some specifics about what your dog should and should not eat

Originally published at: Danny Trejo, aka "Uncle Machete" says it's ok to share food with your dog; Here are some specifics about what your dog should and should not eat | Boing Boing


What a tiny little dog.


The good list had cheese and The avoid list had “milk and dairy”.

Which is true? I don’t think our boy ever gets cheese but I don’t know that I avoid it like chocolate or onion.


FWIW, our vet told us cheese is a fine treat in moderation. To give context to “moderation”, he pointed out that a slice of cheese for a dog is much like a human eating a 250 g (1/2 pound) block of cheese. So our hound gets bits of grated cheese as a special treat.


What human could possibly do such a thing? The savage!


If I ever stopped being vegan, I suspect one of the first things I would do would be devouring about that much extra mature west country cheddar.
Probably a good thing I don’t intend to stop being vegan any time soon.

This is just a reminder that even the very best vegan “cheese” is merely mediocre.


Can’t say I love the idea of letting any of my pets eat people food, even if it was safe for them to do so.

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Is this a thing? My go-to peanut butter contains the only two ingredients it needs, peanuts and salt (and they have a salt-free version for those who prefer it). The current debate around “ultra-processed” food additives really highlights how the vast majority of these additives are completely unnecessary. Why add a sugar alcohol to peanut butter? That’s what the jam is for!

ETA: Teddie Peanut Butter is the tastiest, roastiest, toastiest PB out there and it is doggo-approved!

It’s also my son’s name, so I get to feel a little “awwww” every time I pick a jar up.


As a coeliac I hear you: even the best gluten free bread is mediocre.


Raw meat, eggs and bones… no?

Confused Trailer Park Boys GIF


I “directed” Danny Trejo in some video segments for a Spy Kids CD-ROM many years ago. He is a really nice guy and great to work with. That said, my wife shares ice cream with out Maltese and it is gross. I won’t kiss her for at least an hour or two after I see it. Dogs eat poop and lick themselves. In this case Danny Trejo is wrong.


Obvious Plant had some sage advice a few years back:



Depends on what it’s on but also depends on what type of cheese it’s emulating. I have made vegan kimchi grilled cheese for my vegan significant other and we both really loved it. And in Austin there’s a vegan cheese & charcuterie place called Rebel Cheese that makes some really delicious faux cheeses



I have two veterinarians in my family and they will tell you a very strong no on all three.

A lot of hipsters feed their dogs raw meat because they think dogs are basically wolves and that’s what wolves eat, right? Well, wild animals get salmonella, E. Coli, and parasites just like people do, and guess what? Wolves are riddled with them and live short painful lives as a result. Only give your dogs cooked meat. Same for eggs.

Never give your dogs real bones, rawhide, pig ears, or anything else that comes apart in tough and sharp pieces. Sooner or later that dog will be in the ER with an obstructed or perforated bowel.

As for the rest of the advice in the article, honestly, every vet I know (which includes two that I share DNA with) will tell you feed your dog a high quality dog food and that’s it. Occasional other stuff for treats, fine. But feed them dog food. Period.

Citation? Because the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association is quite firmly against any raw meat. The risks are not worth any perceived benefits. Dogs should eat cooked food for the same reasons we do.


Eggs in places outside of north america don’t have e. coli, at least in the Uk they don’t. I only gave my dog beef shin bones, and apart from some pure white poop, he never had any issues. When I was giving my dog food, I’d only share stuff I’d eat, he’d happily devour tendons and whatnot from meat I was preparing (not chicken, i’d give that a quick cooking).

Any digestive issues he had he brought on himself, he was terrible for scavenging. He also ate about 95% dog food, most other stuff was a treat.


They generally don’t here either, but it’s still raw protein. Bad eggs exist everywhere in the world, they just take different amounts of time to get there. Most raw meat won’t make you sick either. Until it does.

Lucky you. That doesn’t make the practice safe. Experts know things, and the experts agree on this.


Well, and now I can’t find the web page on which I found that. In fact I’m finding the opposite. Will delete.

ETA; After deleting I of course found the original source, which cited an AVMA publication that said the opposite.

So, USA Today:

The American Veterinary Medical Association cautions against feeding your dog raw meat because it doesn’t provide the balanced nutrition your canine companion needs in their diet.

The link they cite:

The AVMA discourages the feeding to cats and dogs of any animal-source protein that has not first been subjected to a process to eliminate pathogens because of the risk of illness to cats and dogs as well as humans.

Sorry! Thanks for catching me on that!!!


:: looks around furtively :: Uh…
:: quietly disposes of the wrapper for the pound brick of cheese they just ate ::


That seems to be due to lactose, which dogs that have been weened can no longer digest. Most cheeses, those that have been aged and contain a lactose-digesting bacteria, don’t have much if any lactose as it’s been eaten up and turned into lactic acid and/or other flavorings. 2 months of aging seems to be the critical point. Note that this refers to actual aging in specific conditions, your refrigerator probably does not count. Other dairy, such as fresh cheeses, still contain a good amount of lactose, and so can cause problems.

Some poking around seems to indicate that some dogs, logically enough, can tolerate it just fine. Possibly evolving for a few tens of thousands of generations alongside humans would have put a selective pressure favoring those who could eat whatever food was available from those strange hairless plains apes. Considering the consequences could be quite messy, sticking to non-dairy sounds like the best option.


While he is a very good boy he isn’t getting any of my homemade paneer.

It’s only the cat that goes for kebabs anyway.