Treat your dog to some Waygu Kobe beef

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Folks are doing a real good job in the reviews section.


And to think my grandfather used to dump table scraps into a 5 gallon bucket he kept under the sink add some dry dog food, some water, and stir it up. His four bird dogs used to go bananas over it.


Sure it’s expensive, but you also get beautifully marbled dog poop as part of the deal.


The only “wholesome” food for cattle is grass. Not corn, not barley. Give a cow heart disease and it will give you heart disease right back when you eat it. Same goes for salmon.

We fed our most recent dog raw food for the last few years of his life. It definitely extended his life and made him much healthier. Americans don’t eat organ meats for the most part, and it is a good use for those parts. It can equal the price of a “good” dry food, so not crazy expensive. And if you know people who go hunting and you have a chest freezer, you can do it for almost free.

All other things aside, had I know that good raw food (mostly ground up bones and organ meats) would make their poop half the size and almost none of the smell of factory food poop, I would have paid the extra price for years. Another plus, when a poop gets missed in the yard and you accidentally step in it, it does not stick like glue. If it has had even a small amount of time to dry up it becomes hard and crumbly.



Suitable for pigs too.


I had several dog-owning friends chastise me for feeding my dog kibble (Blue Buffalo); I tried easing her onto raw food over the course of a week, until her food was half-kibble, half-raw. At that point, she started having severe seizures. I eased back off and went back to kibble, and her health has been great since then. I know lots of people have had great success with raw food, but I’m a little reticent to try that experiment again.


This Amazon Prime membership is really working out for me…

My dog (small chihuahua-terrier) eats cat food. Vet said it was okay, just don’t feed the cats dog food. Keeps the trips to the store for pet food very easy.


…and now you have an artisinal dog food blend that your grandfather handed down to you. Time to open an Amazon seller account.


If you’re looking for some really good beef. Go to a 4H auction.
Those kids pamper those animals, feeding them molasses soaked grain, horse food, and oats. None of that healthy non-fat making grass for those cow.

Then they take them to auction and part with them. The tears are the final seasoning.


I’ve only had Kobe beef once when I took a programmer out to a thank you lunch. Beef bacon. It was fine, but maybe I didn’t have the Drumpfiest cut or something.

I have enjoyed hearing that elites have discovered ‘bone broth’. Hello? Soup stock?

When we cook chicken I save the bones and other bits like the organs neck etc. Then I make a stock from the bones and a few carrots, save that liquid for human use then I smash the bones with a hammer (usually pretty mushy if you simmer overnight). Next I blend the crap out of that in the food processor add a bit of water so it will actually blend ya know. Force that thru a wire strainer (this is the really sucky part), returning solids to the blender until you’ve made a huge mess. Then I mix that with some oatmeal, mb rice, egg and a dash of corn meal and parsley for fresher breath (ahem) in a big bowl, cool, heat over to 400. The dough is pretty sticky, but I just make them roughly bone shaped using two spoons. Bake them like biscotti. At least twice. My dog love love LOVES him some cookies as we call em. Neighbor dogs love em too. Just make sure no onion as iirc cooked onion is bad for dogs. Store in the freezer in a plastic bag.


Dog food is too low in protein for cats to efficiently digest it.

Dogs are much more omnivorous than cats, which are obligate carnivores.


[quote=“1vw2go, post:5, topic:93037, full:true”]
Give a cow heart disease and it will give you heart disease right back when you eat it. Same goes for salmon. [/quote]
You mean out of spite? How far does the principle extend? If I neuter my dog will he neuter me right back?

Are you saying that salmon get heart disease? Or that if you give a cow heart disease, salmon will punish you when you eat it in a show of solidarity with their bovine brothers?

My dog eats cat poop. No trips to the pet store necessary.


Pigs’ll eat anything, though.


Those cows eat better than I do.

I’d only feed them to a dog if I was planning on eating the dog.


Which is obvious from the fact that he’s eating Trump “steak”.


There is a stupid novelty song from the seventies called “Answering Machine” by Rupert Holmes, the guy who wrote the more famous stupid novelty song from the seventies “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”, which contains the line, “So I stepped out to buy some dog food for the cat.” I wonder how many listeners’ cats he killed by putting that idea in their heads.


It’s not like, immediately poisonous, but dog food will cause kidney problems in cats, along with gastro-problems.

That’s the circle of life, that is!