Dog nails first note of Ave Maria

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Wonderful thing!


Bravo! Stupendous in its entirety.


shooped .


Beautiful! Tho I think the original is a fine thing in its own right


Proof that most singers these days, without Autotune, would sound like a dog.

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[puts on the Captain Pedantic trucker hat with the little treble clef on the front]

Could everyone humor me just a little bit, though?

The written thing that a musician reads from a page of music - the oddly specific black dot - that’s a note.

The thing that we can hear - if it’s a sound that’s sing-able - that is a pitch or a tone.

If the English language keeps going the direction it’s going, and the only people left who understand the specific musical meaning of certain words (e.g. note, pitch, beat and rhythm) are music teachers, then teaching kids to sing in tune in only 30 minutes of lesson time per week (and time off for holidays and standardized tests) is going to be that much harder than it already is.

And we want every kid to learn how to sing at least as well as this dog, right?

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

Add a few fades to all those cut scenes, and you’ll have 2/3 of a promo for a new movie.

Is this a properly tuned A=440 dog or has its basic pitch been cranked up as so many cheater orchestras are doing? (It supposedly gives the ensemble a brighter, more exciting sound.) There are soloist-quality violinists who are actually worried that if they continually up-tune their strad or guarneri or whatever they’ve got so as to match the orchestra that retained them, one of these days they’re going to hear a heart-rending CRACK, which is the sound of their instrument folding itself double.

I don’t know exactly what this kind of over-tuning does to a musical doggie but it can’t be good for the poor creature. I look forward to the day when a standard part of the prep for any performance includes the moment when somebody from the ASPCA shows up with an A=440 tuning fork and goes “Ladies and gentlemen, sound your A.”

Now the faithful shall gather 'round the dog. Better than seeing Jeebus profile on your burnt toast.

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