Dog sounds like a Tie Fighter


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Wow. Spot on.


So that’s where the sound effect comes from.


She’s obviously saying “error” over and over. I think maybe that’s not their dog.


Fun fact - TIE Fighter engine sound is actually an elephant. My friend worked at a TV station and was cleaning up and organizing some really old audio libraries and he stumbled upon it. So that was the first I had heard of it. Later it was confirmed in some documentaries. I still need to get the book “Sounds of Star Wars”.


No Trump trolling today Bechizza??


Indeed. In pre-Star Wars movies I’ve heard the TIE Fighter sound used for a variety if wild beasts both real an imaginary.


George: “In the scene where the TIE Fighters attack the Falcon, I always meant for there to be a beagle…” :thinking:


That was a lovely soul cleanse after last night’s debate horror show.
Thank you.




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