Strange object flying past moon


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I say balloons. Definitely not a shadow since the whole idea of a full mon is the sun is behind us.


The word is out in the galaxy. It’s the Vogon scout ships. The end is near.



Yeah, those are pretty clearly TIE fighters. Also too: that’s no moon.


Black Holes?


It’s the combo to the safe.


It’s Exploder One.


The fact that the two objects don’t appear to have a constant shape and don’t keep a constant distance and bearing to each other indicates to me that it’s probably a pair of birds.

Edit: Anyone know the language in the video? It sounds like the guy’s saying in Spanish, “Look, look, look, look,” at one point, but I don’t know the rest.


Giant spacebats.


Could be any of these, but I’m going with the Tie Fighter.


Weird GIF Discovered on Internet


Spanish. Most of it is hard for me to understand, but toward the end he says something about not running to what i presume is his young daughter, then he spots the 2 shapes and says “look, look, look, run, run, check this out… already got it on video”


Probably birds. Or bats, since it is night time.

Just in case, I am going down in my bunker. BBL.


To me it clearly looks like birds… two Klingon Birds of Prey


Wouldn’t they be cloaked?


Maybe their reactor core was damaged in the wormhole to our plane of reality and were running on low power



Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.