Dom Flemons, late of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, plays music that makes me very happy


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Enthusiasm! Nothing makes me happier.


Man, that’s so good. Someone help me tab that! What’s the chord at :37?
Capo 3, key of E flat, played in C.


A video producer friend of mine, John Whitehead, just finished his documentary on the Carolina Chocolate Drops. It’s a fascinating story and great, great music. Trailer is here: and if you are lucky enough to be in Minneapolis, there is a screening tomorrow night at the Heights Theater!


Been a fan of the Carolina Choc Drops for a long time now. Excellent driving music! Esp. when driving South towards a beach in the Summer. Good times.


That’s awesome! I look forward to seeing it. Thx!


Tom Rush has been featuring Dom in his concerts for awhile now. Given that Tom is the person who discovered Joni Mitchell, that’s a good sign.


Dom is pretty good as a soloist here,

but Dom and the other two CCD

and but Dom and Pokey LaFarge


Mint Juleps for everyone!


A C (or C7, using the open A shape) leading the ragtime turnaround: C, F, Bb and back to Eb.


I was lucky enough to meet Dom at the 33rd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko this year. I particularly enjoy the way his deep knowledge and appreciation of music history shine through in his performance- his audience learns while they enjoy the music.
You can see Dom about 43 minutes into this video, though the whole thing is worth watching if you have time.


Saw this group at a folk festival and was blown away by their depth of knowledge and ability to not just interpret the history, but innovate as well. I got to meet a couple of them afterwards; very cool people.


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