Don Martin sound effects Considered Harmful


Continuing the discussion from Don Martin’s sound effects (alphabetical order):

And I pulled @cjwinchester’s rows of javascript arrays into rows of javascript objects that are bundled as a node.js module. My use-case is a presentation of google-images based on the sound effect description [in-progress].


Word! Lemme know when it lands.


hey – you’re in Omaha. Is “The Merchants of Venus” still open? I grew up in Madison, SD, and visited there a couple of times. Back in the 80s. yikes. And I bought a Dr. Who comic in some flea market.


I do not know? Been here less than a year – came down here from Sioux Falls. So.


Preliminary Version - F5 to refresh.

If image fails to load, there is no indication.
If image takes a long time to load, there is no indication.

Image is stretched to fill whole-screen, which sometimes (often?) crops out useful parts of the image.
Not sure if I want this.

Only an image + SFX are displayed; no annotations as per origin, etc.

UPDATE 2014.01.23: redo search on image-load failure, click on image to view original size; hover over image to view description, issue, date; pulls 10 image URLs and picks one at random.

NOTE: I abandoned the node.js+browserify approach because the node-google-image-search module I was using actually wrote the image to the file-system then streamed it out. Which is a problem for browserify. so I went straight to the client. c’est la vie.


This is hilarious, by the way. :thumbsup:



Still a problem with some image-loading; maybe I’ll set a time-out to do another search, or grab a different image…

Much thanks to @cjwinchester his javascriptification of the list as the core inspiration.


One thing: I think the page should somehow show the link between what is happening and the Don Martin sound effect. E.g, provide context if someone randomly arrives on the page.


Some sort of on-screen info that can appear to give, uh, on-screen info, and disappear to not interfere with the display has been on my wish-list for… 1.5 years? Always something more “fun” to work on (or paying, to work on. ugh).

So, this was finally a kick in the butt.

I implemented a quick version over lunch that initially displays on page-load, fades out, then appears/disappears on hover. And displays citations for Don Martin, the DM Dictionary and CJ’s original code inspiration.

Still a few bugs in the system, since the initial fade-out will cause mouse-overs to be put into a queue… which then gets all “blinky” if the mouse has moved around.

Thanks for the push!


The metadata fades away awful fast, I can barely read it! Let me dismiss it manually maybe?

I also want a way to “load another one” without hitting F5. Like a “Try Another One!” button.


The hover-notes at the bottom, or the title-tag on the image?

SPACE to load another. (it’s in the bottom hover notes. whatever it’s called).

Click-to-dismiss/hover to appear isn’t a bad idea.

I had trouble with getting click and hover not interfere with each other, so I went with mouseenter/mouseleave. Also put the description+pub-date into the info-box.

Eh. second iteration.

I would also like to display the source of the image, and take care of long-loading images.


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