Donald Glover is just so damn cool

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I originally only knew him as a musician. But he was great in The Martian. Who knew he could act well, too?

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The interview was great and all, but I couldn’t figure out what was up with all the oranges.

There are orange trees in the backround. Most of the interview,he is holding an orange, like he is about to peel it, but doesn’t peel it. Then at the end of the interview, the orange is gone. Did he eat it? Throw it away? What is the symbolism of the oranges?

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His production studio is in an orange grove in Ojai, California, I THINK.


The simplest answer is probably the correct one, but I want a whole citrus-themed ARG to pop off. :slight_smile:

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national treasure.


Donald Glover Community GIF


yea that’s his orange grove in the background.

if you google the GQ article it explains that.

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and write/produce also:

his first career was writing for tina fey in 30 rock. then he left and was in community (where dan harmon frequently admitted he relied on him to “finish a scene” because of how talented he was). then he left and became a musician. then he also created atlanta.

it’s pretty insane how he continues to succeed in every new creative endeavor he pursues, but from what i’ve read from his colleagues, they’re not particularly surprised he’s been so successful. he is, as the article states, ‘just so damn cool’


That job apparently came down to him and Kenya Barris, the creator of black-ish. Apparently NBC at the time had a Diversity Initiative that would pay for a writer for a show (I don’t know if the writer had to be Black, or from any marginalized group), and so Tina Fey took advantage of that so she could get a free writer (free as in her budget didn’t have to pay for the writer). And Fey actually told Glover that’s why he was hired, so for awhile, he had doubts that he actually got the job based on his talent, even though Fey also said she absolutely chose him because of his talent. It’s just that the reason she was hiring another writer was because of the Diversity Initiative.


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