Donald Trump pitches tantrum at "peace meeting" with GOP senators

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This slow motion train wreck requires more popcorn!


C’mon . . . did anyone expect anything else but Trump being Trump, even in private with people who (at least theoretically) support him?

Perhaps the best report from the meeting was that some Republicans were asking him about how he could try and do better with Hispanics, and he (of course) said “Hispanics love me!”, as if the bullshit line he uses for his rallies will work behind closed doors with people who actually pay close attention to the polls, and know the opposite is true.



Is this how the world works behind closed doors, politically, and now Trump is just laying it bare in all its obscene disgustingness?


Dumbstruck, Mr. Flake informed Mr. Trump that he was not up for re-election this year.

I can honestly say that for once I like a TEApublican, and it wasn’t easy to do so.


Either it is how the political world works behind closed doors or Trump is setting a precedent that, win or lose, those who come after him are likely to follow.

Both options are pretty depressing.


According to the most recent RCP polling averages, Clinton only leads Trump by 4.7%. I’m sorry, but that’s pathetic. How is she not crushing him?


20+ years of smear campaigns on top of legit criticisms of her neoliberalism would be my guess.


You can’t look nationally, you need to look at states like Ohio and Florida. Texas, for example, is a ton of people that are never going to vote for her. But they get counted in polls the same as places like Ohio, which is an actual swing state.

Looking at the electoral collage he’s being wiped around the floor.


It’s more than the horse race that I’m talking about. I don’t believe the electoral collage is culturally meaningful the way popular vote is.


There are a lot of people that think he can actually do the things he promises. No matter if it’s not actually in his power or that he provides no details. He says he’ll make things great again and that’s all some people want to hear, damn the consequences.


I’ve posted this before, but it’s so relevant…


I will be contriving an excuse to use this phrase at the earliest opportunity!


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:81156”]Mr. Trump at one point jabbed at Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska[/quote]I guess that was “figuratively” jabbed?

There’s been a lack of memorable physical comedy among the candidates thus far; I suppose that’s the next step.


I actually had someone, in all seriousness, bring up the stuff from the old “what a hit list/Clinton Body Count” email as part of why Clinton shouldn’t be president in a conversation just weeks ago.

If only there were an easy way to link someone to a debunking when you’re in a verbal conversation…


I think we’ve moved past a single dumpster and into multiple flaming port-a-potty territory.


The main way she’s making news is by saying “Hey, vote for me, because I’m not a crazy racist!”

America’s full of crazy racists, and those who aren’t crazy racists generally aren’t all that enthusiastic about someone whose main claim to fame these days is that she’s just not a crazy racist.

She’s probably gonna win 2016. 2020…might be a different story, depending on how these 4 years go and if the GOP can pick up the shattered pieces of their party and be coherent.

If they unite behind a strident libertarian “outsider,” and there’s a scandal or two that the they can manufacture that manages to stick, Hillary’s chances in 2020 look a lot less promising…


Probably the most satisfying part of this whole campaign has been observing the slowly dawning realization among the Republican old guard that their party has diminished to the point that the largest and most powerful voting bloc within the GOP consists of the dipshit racist know-nothing Trump voters. The ones who call for a third-party candidate are forced to realize (if not acknowledge) that a third-party candidate would hand the presidency over to Clinton more assuredly than Trump by himself is doing. If there were a serious contender to be found in the GOP ranks, Trump wouldn’t have won the primaries. They got nothin’.

Simply put, she’s the single most widely-loathed Democratic candidate since… well, ever. That said, she’s probably not more deeply loathed by the right than Obama has been, but they’ve had a full quarter-century to loathe Hillary Clinton, not just eight years.

Also, Hillary Clinton is not universally beloved by the left either. Still, Trump doesn’t have a chance and never did. God only knows where the GOP will go from here. They have no clear-eyed, charismatic, uniting leader, and the rise of Trump (coupled with the horrified reaction to it by the world at large) implies to me that this particular offshoot of conservatism is simply too insane and extreme to triumph here. Call me Pollyanna. I think we’ve reached peak double-down territory for the GOP. They’ve gotta grow up to get a seat at the grown-up table anymore. The old, racist, white dipshits are being outnumbered, and I think it’s too late for them to do anything about it except lash out. And while that’ll do a lot of damage… well, they are outnumbered.


They are in the UK, too. Still managed to find enough useful idiots to help them out.