Donate a sock - free house elves!


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Set me Free!!


For those of you as confused as I was, this is some sort of Harry Potter reference.

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Even better: It is a reference to one of the dumber parts of Harry Potter, where people openly keep slaves but can accidentally free them by unknowingly handing the slave an ordinary item like a sock. One of the characters tries to make a fuss about the whole slaveowning business, but it’s treated like a joke and pretty much forgotten by the next book.

Wait a minute, Dobby! You’ve already been set free!!

@jandrese You don’t seem to remember some of your HP lore. This should clear things up a bit more: S.P.E.W
It’s like magic, innit?
BTW, at the bottom of that link is an amazing collection of S.P.E.W. in a large number of other languages. Really funny.

S.P.E.W. was what I referring to when I said that one of the characters (Hermione) made a fuss but then kind of forgot about it for the rest of the series.

I get that the slavery is magical, but it’s a stupid form of magic where you can break the spell entirely by accident if you aren’t super careful all of the time.

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