Cthulhu socks


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Nice, maybe the power of the Old Ones would hinder my washing machine to eat socks.


Now that’s a proper Cthulhu! I’m tired of blasphemers sticking His name on every octopus they see, but this is the real deal. Also, they conceal the degree to which your feet have changed into flippers.


What is the greater horror?
Cthulhu socks or no socks?


Yes, Cthulu sucks. Finally, somebody said it. Don’t know what footwear has to do with it, though.


The socks are crazy cloth bags that people put on their footses.



Are you insulting socks? I love socks! They keep my tootsies toasty! :wink:


@popobawa4u obviously hates America
socks clinton

Edit needs cathulhu
cathulhu kitten

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