Cthulhoid Coca-Cola tee


Cthulhu doesn’t want your obedience. He’s not a god that want you to be good, or bad, or to even believe in him. He doesn’t want anything from you.
Well… he might want you to put on a few pounds and butter yourself up.

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His cultists, however, totally think he wants worship and obedience, and they can be kinda insistent about it.

There’s some interesting parallels there, come to think…


Cthulhu will have YOU, a Coke, and a smile . . . .

You fool, the cultists of Cthulhu don’t worship or obey him, they’re just begging him to be eaten first.

Here’s a handy pamphlet: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=135

I always confuse the Flying Spaghetti Monster with Cthulhu. Not much difference really with old pasta tentacle face. But what ever floats you’re boat.

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