Don't touch that hot stove!



Absolutely fascinated with this stuff. Especially the personal experience of the perceptions of this kind.
You see the danger at some ultimate level of perception that literally is doing the action to amend the stream of perceptions.
Now, that may be more of description of ‘the zone’ or a flow state or something but in daily life I can think of no other type of unpractised experience that hitches your perceptions to that deep/‘close to the temporal locality of events’ mode.

This stuff makes for great reading…

edit: I had to go ahead and add this quote:

The function of the STN is unknown, but current theories place it as a component of the basal ganglia control system that may perform action selection. STN dysfunction has also been shown to increase impulsivity in individuals presented with two equally rewarding stimuli

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Don’t touch that hot stove!

Don’t tell me what to do!

Reminds me of the great Yiddish curse:
“May you stub your toe and grab a hot stove for support”

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