Doom on the Touch Bar


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I guess apple is trying to train the market to accept a touch screen/keyboard,
to be released someday.

Tablets are cheaper to make, after all.


Oh my dog. This is terrible. I like it!


I wonder how hard it would be to modify the doom source to just use a super-wide orthogonal plane instead of stretching to a rather unusable aspect ratio?

Or better yet, more like a 360 degree camera view. Would make for a truly novel new way to play the game.

Heck, for that matter, looking forward to all the new sorts of games a novel feature like this in mass production could facilitate. I really liked what I saw games did with the Logitech G-series keyboards (alas, they came into being after my PC gaming days tapered off).


The Lenovo Yoga Book already has that. It is the worst keyboard ever.


Sign of a misspent childhood - despite being impossible to clearly see, still being able to tell exactly where the player was in E1M1 just by when the sound effects occurred.


I swear there is a belief in tech and gaming that the audience can be trained to expect less; sadly, to some extent it seems true.

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