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That’s actually a pretty good idea, if you post your mood or a random tidbit about your character you could do it more casually and so fit it in a longer post more easily. For example, my last post could start with:

Nervous Mike - Is really happy with his window bars
Nervous Mike - Still looking for some bionic fingers

I think others have partially solved this problem, like you mention, by putting a picture of themselves at the top of most entries. Think bizmail_public’s Star Trader. Some seem to prefer using a single image for most of posts, while the Ssskiper Donald_Petersen used multiple image assets from an identifiable character/actor. Sufficiently unique images helps create a link between the image and a person (or, if you prefer the term, a “brand”).

People with artistic talent, like penguinchris’s 8-bit style and agfish’s el-esk can use different images because their art style is so distinctive.

A distintive writing style, or voice, also helps with this. I can’t read a line of peregrinus_bis without hearing Eric Idle’s “nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh?” I sometimes forget his name is Major, but always know the character without needing to look at the username or avatar. daneel is also doing a spot o’ this.

Now that you have chainguns, your hot rod is really getting distinctive. if you want to reinforce your character name, consider adding it or a unique symbol as a license plate or something. Even NRVS on the plate would do.

Or, you can be THAT GUY and that constantly talks in the third person.


Changing one’s avatar (as some of us have done) is helpful to an extent, and you’ll notice I use different pictures for different “voices” at the tops of posts.

But connecting with the actual name of a character is indeed challenging in this format. I cheated: Cougar is a Mercury Cougar and Blazer is a Chevy Blazer. The kid has no name beyond “the kid.”

Might be we could just start off our posts with:

Charactername sez:

and maybe the effect will spread, as it did with “Favorite Possession” in the signup thread. I don’t know who started that, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a question we asked, and yet a good half of you included it.


Works, but might get bulky - instantly identifiable though.


I dunno, as long as it doesn’t get changed often isn’t it just going to get stored on the BB server and called from there as needed? I can’t imagine it would need to be re-uploaded every time…

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Ah, rather than being concerned about servers and computliers, I was thinking of the optics for the readers, but then I recalled seeing this from @kingannoy:

and admiring just how nice it was.


Thanks! That is actually some google street view imagery of the road the shuttle is supposed to be at now. I had to make it a bit more appocolyptic in color scheme of course, bright mid day with green grass just won’t do for our story :smile:


I was hoping that you all would pick up on this idea (our GM NPCs all have something distinctive) and just doing it with text is not a bad idea at all. I like the status updates.

Being consistent with these will be important to make them really stick (and I admit to not being consistent with them myself).

I think a small picture like @peregrinus_bis’s idea below is a great idea. I was planning something similar for Jane. If everyone had something like that it’d be great. Just a text name with status updates (or not) will be good too though.

I have been over-loving pixlr, thanks!

I’ve never wanted to invest in Photoshop etc, potential incomes don’t warrant the expense (like, zero income), but pixlr is doing the job damn nicely!

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Does this help at all? finally uploaded an avatar
Maybe Ill sketch Honey some time if any time is left between now and the end of the game. Depending on how long I survive :wink:


Quick question: How does one embed a youtube video in ones posts? It feels kind of crappy to just post a link.
Thanks in advance.

Drop in the link and it automatically does it.

This is a forward-thinking place for the most part. Science!

Hm, doesn’t seem to work on my last post in round three

It certainly helps me remember: that’s the player with the Twister! But then I have to think a bit to remember that’s Honey.

Linking the names with the faces (or grilles, as the case may be)… that’s the challenge for memory-challenged people like me.

(“How memory challenged?” you ask? Well, let’s just say that yesterday, when that argument broke out in camp over the dead dog, and Cougar had to come over and bust some heads so we could get some sleep? I had utterly forgotten that at the time the entire convoy was supposed to be in motion, hauling the Ark at 1 mph, through pouring toxic rain!

Oh, well. Nobody seemed to notice that wee continuity slipup!)


If you signed up to BBS just for the game, you may be too new for the embedding to work.

Worked for me just now. Here’s Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby.

Yupp, that might be it. So I’ll just keep posting links, then. Hope you click them :smile:

Wait, what? There’s a waiting period to post videos?

I seem to remember there’s one for posting images. @codinghorror, is that correct? New users can’t embed videos? Just curious: how long before they can? Assuming they’re, like, cool, y’know?

Strange. Tried editing the post, writing the full adress, but then it just showed a big still picture from the video. Then I tried it in a new post and all of a sudden it worked. Don’t know what happened there, but all is fine now. Thanks for the help!