Door Game Meta Topic

Yeah, we gotta fix that. We get plenty of people asking “but why should I pick that mission when it doesn’t pay as well as this other one?” and it doesn’t seem to register that extra unannounced rewards come through. When we explicitly list mission rewards upfront, then there’s an expectation that that’s it; nothing else is forthcoming for that mission. And if we don’t list any rewards upfront, then there’s no real plus side for the balance sheet when people make their calculations about which mission to choose.

My own preference would be to preserve an element of uncertainty, even to the point that Curtain #3 might be concealing a live goat instead of a new car. I do so love a well-placed booby prize. But if we announce all payouts explicitly in advance, risks get reduced to the point where mission choice becomes obvious rather than a gamble.

How about we do that up to a certain point? I mean, we’ll announce the payout as consisting of a known number of LPs, plus potential Loot of specified possible stat departments in a specified range of point-amounts. How’s that sound?

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