Download a lost cat sign that isn't really a lost cat sign

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Seems like a good way to train people not to engage with lost cat posters.


I’m sure it’s just a personal flaw on my part, but signs with a “made you look, sucker!” message make me grumpy and less disposed to do something kind for the rest of the day.


Needs a cuter cat.


My Fake Cat is missing. I just hope that it hasn’t ended up trapped in an attic, with nothing to eat, but beads.


arrested development bees GIF


I don’t know. The cynical part of my personality reminds me that cats are an invasive species, and are responsible for the decimation of native bird and lizard species all across the globe, and we shouldn’t have introduced cats all over the world anyway. The chaotic neutral voice in my head just wants to slap a flier on top of it that says “cat found: they were delicious”.


Shitty, manipulative sign. We shouldn’t be celebrating taking advantage of people like this. I read every lost pet sign I see and look around immediate areas and be more attentive because I know behind every lost pet sign there’s a scared person whose life is changed and whose heart is in pain over a traumatic event. The odds already aren’t good, and pulling “gotcha” stunts on people will only make less look at those signs.


help me understand the difference between this and the fake $20 bills that are actually proselytizing tracts :confused:



man, a lot of people around here sure do have a case of the MONDAYS.


This sign sucks every day of the week.


If anyone needs a dose of the converse, a recent (and real) “found pet” sign from my neighborhood.


On that note.



Exactly, first thing I thought of too was this classic:


Xerxes, that awesome motherfucker, was my intro to lurking on the boing. He’ll always have a place in my heart.


If cat owners won’t do it for the vulnerable wildlife potentially killed by their roaming pet cats, they should do it for the also-vulnerable cats’ sake — keep it on a leash during walks or (preferably) indoors at all times. The average lifespan of indoor felines is about three times that of outdoor felines, not to mention the notable absence of outdoor-related injury.

Albeit, completely denying one’s pet cat outdoors access should be compensated by giving their feline additional affection.

Growing up, I lost many beloved outdoor felines to larger predators, perhaps to even a cat-hating human (I knew about a few guys willing to procure sick satisfaction from torturing to death those naively-trusting thus likely sweet-natured cats whose owners have recklessly allowed them to wander the neighborhood at night.)

Indeed, as a young boy, finding them slaughtered on our lawn the following morning was quite traumatizing.


‘If only I had something new,’

she thought, ‘something adventurous

to do, like when the fields grew tall

fields from which wild fowl fed and flew’ ;

she the feline feisty and precious

needed something new or to climb the wall.

She walked over to the windowpane

and looked out to the neighboring homes

to where she hoped to find something

—something new, beyond the back lane

rocky road where she often roams

to where her eyes would be wandering.

And when her attention was caught

by the towering shingle roof

sheltering the large corner store

she at once decided she ought

to climb to its black peak as proof

of her worth to those who did her adore.

Through the yards one by one she went

glancing around this and that corner

over then under fences tall

till she stood at the wall she’d meant

to conquer as a foreigner

without any fear that she’d fall.

She looked to the two garbage cans

leaning against the wooden shed

right next to the store that was so pink;

up she jumped, her feet and hands

reached the top by but a thread

of no better place could she think.

Having achieved her noteworthy climb

she gazed over to the swaying trees

unaware that her hostess stood near;

at the bus stop as passed the time

the woman looked up into the breeze

and saw her black cat who knew no fear.

Thus the feline had done something new

and not seeing her hostess’s stare

she returned home fulfilled and content

for from this day excitement she drew

and she thought again she’d climb and dare

those high places worthy of her scent.


… wanting our attention, and “needing” it, are two different things—unless we’re talking about “neediness” in the pathological sense :thinking:

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