Dozens killed in terror attack in Brussels

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Oh, great.

Now, brace for more surveillance and intensified and yet more annoying security kabuki.


Kind of following from earlier today (it’s very nearby). How terrible it is for all the casualties and family members. I also have a kind of strange interest in the actions/reactions of the government’s, police, security, media, how it unfolds.


i saw trump and thousands of his supporters partying on rooftops celebrating this great victory for his cause.


The real question is how is this connected to the raids in Brussels last week. Can’t stop feeling that Belgian / French Intelligence Services are / have made some huge blunder.

Surely the week after you arrest your key suspects this is not supposed to happen.

Sitting in London on my way to Brussels next week. This is not good.

Hating that the EU is the target.


True, but that is ultimately pretty limited in reach, as bad as it is for the affected ones. And comparable with conventional accidents, in this regard.

THIS is what I worry about greatly. Such responses are of much wider reach, and capable of inflicting much more damage, albeit of lower magnitude per capita. And more War on the Unusual, which concerns me personally as I am rather unusual myself.

And such responses already impact me negatively. A friend was fingered in a bus traversing France, the cops found he does not have some stupid stamp in his passport, and whisked him back to South America. So I lost (hopefully only for months) a precious scarce resource - a drinking buddy, and the French jackbooted thugs earned a large black spot in my books.


It may have escalated/forced them to move. If you see your brother cell get captured, you might figure they are on to you and better make a move before they find you. Remember though, they try to isolate themselves for this very reason. Cut off one head, there are 8 others some where else.

Maybe you’re trying to be funny, but seems rather poor taste to take a political pot-shot that has nothing to do with this.


No, he definitely wants to use this to further his agenda, as will other politicians around the world.


Yes. We call that Victim Blaming around here.

Bra-fucking-vo, by the way.

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Drumpf is neither.


One of my hobbies are industrial and aerospace accidents.

“Operator error” and “pilot error” are specific classes of fails. And nobody in their sane mind would dare to suppress discussing them because of “victim blaming”.

Besides, sometimes the police forces really screw up. And the mechanism of forcing a cell believing they are about to be discovered, so they act on their plans NOW instead of Sometime Later, is fairly plausible.


A terrorist attack is not an industrial accident, and nobody in their sane mind would equate them.

Don’t be daft.


Who would you prefer be targeted?

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From the point of the victims themselves the distinction is rather unimportant. Getting killed by a shrapnel from a bomb does not make you any more dead than getting killed by a shrapnel of a steam mains or a fallen bridge. Divestment of limited resources from infrastructure upkeep to “security” may paradoxically make us all less safe. If for every one not blown up you get two killed by corroded infrastructure, you lose.

From the point of the investigation, the role of the security forces in speeding up the followup attacks should be also questioned. If you think otherwise, please say why.


Like that time that plane crashed because the NTSB was investigating it?

Just stop and think some, please. Emotions get the better of us all at times.

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I don’t think he is blaming the victims. He is questioning the competency of their intelligence agencies. I wonder if they typically have the disdain we do for the CIA and FBI?


Would that not apply to crime in general?

Should we cost/benefit the investigation and prosecution of burglaries/rapes/murders/fraud/arson as compared to fixing potholes and water mains?

Doesn’t typically happens with aircraft, but it is more common with process plants. You take off some safety (or other, but typically safety) device for testing, and something else blows up because the first thing was taken offline. By doing good you caused or allowed the accident.


It is called “budgeting”. This is already being routinely done, at the step of resource allocation.


The choice of targets is interesting, because the attacks seem to have targeted specifically European parliamentarians and decision-makers. The Metro station is where you get off for the European Parliament, and also the station before Schumann, where you get off for the European Commission and other EU buildings. Likewise, Brussels airport at that time of the morning would be full of international travelers. A message is being passed here, but it’s too soon to say what it is. It would have been easy to target the Belgian state specifically, but that was not done.


The Belgian Police are not victims here? Then they must be the cause?

I’m sure they’d rather be eating or fucking or something, and not hunting men, non?

False equlivalence was false. Daft reply is inflammatory.

I sure do hope you get someones goat online today, else you might feel helpless like the rest of us in the face of such news.