Dr. Ben Goertzel

Lately I’ve been listening to a series of interviews with Dr. Ben Goertzel of OpenCog and SigularityNet.
I learned he was the kind of scamp who would read psychics books as a kid and achieved a PHD at 22. He seems like he could talk for hours non stop in a clear way about anything and everything on his mind.
His public persona makes me think of a hypothetical situation where Marvin Minsky, Satoshi Nakamoto and former Os Mutantes front-woman Rita Lee dropped acid in total darkness, one thing led to another and the result was a baby Ben Goertzel.
His metaphysical, philosophical musings on the mind expanding nature of pure mathematics are profound. His inspiration from science fiction that drive his ambitions to create superhuman superminds are fascinating. His thoughts on a network of AGIs interacting and learning in an encrypted blockchain, outside of corporate control seem practical and achievable if we played the long game and put aside the goals of maximizing shareholders profits. (Forgive me if my elementary education butchered the cliffnotes summary of his complex work)
It all makes me wonder if Ben Goertzel would be considered a Happy Mutant.

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