Dragon's Lair running on a Sinclair ZX81

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Strikes me as a bit reminiscent of the Game Boy Color port, whose hardware is probably of comparable primitiveness. (Numerous variants for the systems of the day played completely differently, though the ADAM computer version came sort of close.)

I had (probably still have) Dragon’s Lair for the Amiga. It came on about a dozen (!) 3.5" diskettes. It was intended that you play it directly off the discs, which was painfully slow. I (still) have an Amiga 2000 with enough disc space that I could copy the whole game on to the drive, and that made it considerably more fun to play. But that took up practically all my free disc space, and I’d have to delete it when I needed to do something else. That got to be a drag, and the game ended up in a dusty corner somewhere.

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