Glorious juvenile moment of Dragon's Lair heroism


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oh, man, I used to love playing this game in the arcades… although, until you got the timings down, it could be a very quick 25 cents…


This might be of interest. I had the privilege of working with the digitization of animation cels from the Don Bluth collection housed at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The cel shown was an alternative color scheme for the “Goblin Guts” scene in Dragons Lair.

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What? It’s not enough this story was already posted just two paragraphs down by Pescovitz?


You were lucky to find one for .25. I remember my parents complaining that it cost so much at .50 and steering me away from it.


At least this one has content. The other version of the story was one of the extremely annoying “links that take you to a completely useless, content-free page that just further links you away from BoingBoing.”

It’s sad, but BB has gone from an artful curation of wonderful things to “here’s what was on TV!” and “yo click this its cool trust me”


Yes, that is all true. Plus the extraordinarily ugly and non-helpful
re-jiggering of the layout from something easy and good to this ugly
thing. And comments being an extra step to get to.


the lines to play this game when it came out were insane. the gameplay was wack, but so cool looking.

I remember seeing a magazine photo of its creators holding a huge CD with the caption explaining that the funny rainbow disc was read by a laser beam. this was before CDs were a thing yet, nobody’d ever seen anything like it. each Dragon’s Lair cabinet was a type of laserdisc player that was invented just to play that game. this is why the damn things all broke within a few months; would you let a bunch of unsupervised kids and drunk teens use a gen1 laserdisc player?

Wow, I’d never heard of a laserdisc game called Thayer’s Quest…

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“re-jiggering of the layout”
Even better than the previous layout, IMNSHO:


True, unfortunately.

I’ve my own TV-based opinion of the place for TV reviews in BB’s directory of wonderful things -

  • and my own opinion of the redesign as well, for that matter; but it’s their blog, after all. They can do nothing but clickbait and TV reviews in Comic Sans if they like, and if it pays; and all I can do is stop visiting. It would be a hell of a shame, but nothing lasts forever.

Bless you for that. Bookmarking.

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Yeah, I’ve changed my bookmarks to that about the same day they changed to the new crapfest layout. I completely forgot that others still see the old travesty. No wonder people are so cantankerous in the comments lately, they’re coming from… there.


I couldn’t use the new format for longer than 10 minutes without getting a literal headache. I stopped checking a long time ago, someone please alert me when they change it back again so I can update my bookmarks back to the original url.

But I do have to wonder, if people think everything at Boing Boing nowadays is clickbait no matter what the format, why are you still here? Just to incessantly complain and whine? Do note that aside from the thread I linked to above, this is the only other time I’ve whined about the format change in another thread. Why? Because whining gets stale and old. If you think Boing Boing is clickbait, it’s probably time for you to move on instead of derailing thread after thread after thread pissing and moaning about it.

If you think Boing Boing has jumped the shark and you’re still here… You have to ask yourself if you enjoy whining more than spending time at an up-and-coming place you enjoy?

/rant /whine

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  1. This thread is the first time I’ve complained.
  2. I changed my viewing habits first, and complained second. (I’ve gone from scanning BB 4-10 times per day to once a day, if that).
  3. Complaining is how consumers of content make their voices heard.

This thread is the first time I’ve complained.
Complaining is how consumers of content make their voices heard

I see your point. I thought you were perhaps one of those who has been complaining in many threads. I apologize.

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