Drawn and Quarterly's incredible Montreal book store


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That’s cool.


The first thought that popped into my head when I read that was “Puppet shows!” Montreal has a pretty lively contemporary puppetry community, and I can easily imagine puppeteers performing theatrical adaptations of excerpts of books sold there.


what a great sentence :heart_eyes:


I miss book stores. Boston and Cambridge MA used to have tons of them. Those were the days.


yeah i was so sad to see the raven books on harvard sq disappear :frowning:


Reminds me of Bookpeople here in Austin. It’s a local store and they often do events like book readings with authors, and i haven’t attended their other types of events but they do a mystery book club and other neat things.

Never been to Canada but it’s good to know about this place. Would love to visit if i ever had the chance


“La Petite Librairie Drawn & Quarterly”

Ooooh, playing fast and loose with the sign language laws! (Former Anglo during the #$%* Bill 101 days.)

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