Dreams, as in REM sleep and lucid dreams

Last night I finished listening to the audiobook of Homeland by @doctorow, read by Will Wheaton, then went to bed and dreamed I ran into Will Wheaton in a diner and asked him about his pronunciation of the character’s name Jolu (“Joe Lou”) since the guy who recorded the Little Brother audiobook pronounced it “Ho Lou.”

I find dreams that are actually about real-life subject matter to be weirder than weird dreams that are just about random stuff that doesn’t make sense.


I had a strange one last week, I think inspired by this thread, where I was attending a dream/magic school, learning all kinds of techniques. We showed up to the campus and there were all kinds of cool demos going on, controlling different objects or scenery with your mind, flying, etc.
Not as much “everyday” as yours, but I could totally tell it was a carry over from “real” life.


I just discovered this subreddit:
I haven’t dug in yet, but thought anyone interested in this thread here would also like that one there.


I just woke up from a lucid dream. This feels like a lot of progress since I don’t usually achieve the realization that I’m dreaming. I was having a high school dream, except instead of a last day of school anxiety dream, I was getting kicked out of school and I didn’t care and I realized that I didn’t go to school there so I could leave.

I realized I exited the building on the wrong side (this seems like a common occurrence in ny dreams) and I had to get to my car around the corner of the building and down a steep cliff. I frequently dream of having to overcome annoying challenges about being in the wrong place.

I realized very casually that I was dreaming and decided I should be able to just teleport to where I wanted to go. I looked down at a spot and just sort of beamed myself there. It felt like falling but not in a scary way.

I was going to drive my car but I decided I wanted to fly instead, so I just took off from the ground and started flying superman style. I was at the edge of the horizon with a deep purple and vivid orange sky and a starfield visible through it like I was on the edge of space. I just kept flying like a spaceship in a video game on the edge of a planet’s atmosphere and then I suddenly arrived in a dark industrial city at night that was a bunch of buildings with interesting architecture on small islands connected by steel bridges.

I flew down to the roof of one building and through the ceiling into a room that looked like an old 19th century library. There was a woman in the room but I said, “you’re not my significant other.” And I woke up from the dream inside another dream where I was laying in bed next to my significant other. And then I actually did wake up to the same situation in real life.

Edit: I went back to sleep and had another short dream in which I was outside of a closed coffee shop and I realized I could just reach through the wall and grab a cylinder of sugar and I turned it into a latte at will.


It’s uncanny, the similarities. There are a lot of differences, but I also recently visited a weird, beautiful bridge city in a lucid dream.
And I also had the dream within a dream thing, where you wake up, but within the dream, then really wake up.
In mine, during the “within a dream” wake up, I became lucid again and went flying around, but that time, through my local landscape. All the trees are starting to leaf out, so even though it was dark, it was pretty :heart:

I’ve been getting pretty good at controlling flight and so want to try something new.
I can’t find the video, but I saw a clip in a trailer where a person bursts into several crows that all fly away and I thought, oooh, I want to try that!
But I’m not sure if it would even work to have multiple bodies in a dream.
Alternately, I might practice more with controlling the scenery. Anyone have any tips about that, specifically? I’m thinking, the architect scene in Inception…

There was a reader’s letter in Jim Woodring’s coming comic book that brought this up. Apparently a doctor/researcher had his subjects write down their dreams for a period of years. In a lot of cases, whatever they’d written down eventually came to pass. The researcher wondered if, when we sleep, the part of our brain that perceives the passage of time relaxes, and we can see the whole timeline laid out at once. (Here I’ll add the “hokum” caveat but I still wonder about this idea, 25+ years later)

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In my own experience in my childhood home in my late teens, I awoke with sleep paralysis in my room, to be pinned down by the Old Hag archetype, then when that faded away, I was woken up by my mother who told me we’d be travelling about an hour away asking if I wanted to come. I realized it was a false awakening when I saw my door was locked. I went upstairs and asked when my parents were leaving and they looked at me perplexed saying they were going but they never planned on taking me because they never woke me up. While on route I recalled a dream of two sisters I know in my home town and they both were illuminated by fluorescent lights of the Walmart my family was in. When In waking life we finally arrived to the parking lot, my parents wanted to go into Walmart first. I avoided it because of the dream I recalled, took a different course through the mall instead and who do I see walking with their mother? The two sisters I dreamt about.
I mean… come onnnnnn.