Driver saves a tarantula by braking hard — causing a crash instead

Originally published at: Saving a spider causes car crash

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Quoth the spider: Phase 1 worked perfectly, begin Phase 2.


Tailgating caused the crash.


As a motorcyclist of nearly 40 years, I can concur. You don’t travel directly behind anything - you travel behind and slightly to the side of it. Should the vehicle in front come to an unexpected stop, you have the whole length of their vehicle to glide to a standstill.

Sorry for the seeming-lecture - it’s a pet bugbear.


I’m with Costanza:
Pigeons we have a deal with.
Squirrels, no deal.
Tarantulas, no deal.

As much as I value all life (I catch and release spiders in the house and put them out), if I know a vehicle is behind me while I’m driving, I only brake for humans.

squirrel no deal


Powdered Toast Man did it first to save a kittycat:

Well, who then gets yeeted into the path of another car at the very end of the clip anyway

I feel like I kinda do the same bicycling in the event that a driver in front of me is moving bicycle speeds. Never directly behind, behind and to the side.

But if a driver is going only bicycle speeds that’s a pretty clear indication they may be up to something dodgy soon.


Incidents like this are where self-driving cars tend to have a better track record than human drivers.

That’s the one :+1:

Yeah, they just brake for no reason instead of a tarantula.

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