DRM screws blind people




This is a problem I run into several times a semester. It’s a shame when you get to the point where you either tell the student, sorry we’re going to break the law here by not making all the materials in a course accessible to you or we’re going to break the law by taking this Kindle-only book and providing it to you in a format you can actually use.

And, sadly, most people aren’t aware of these sorts of issues at all. Most instructors look at me like I’m crazy when I explain it is illegal for me to make accessible a book that a student purchased.


If the blind wanted to be important, they would be making bigger campaign contributionns.


Sometimes you have a choice to obey the law or do the right thing.


Coming from a family with a few blind folks in it, I find your attempt at what you sadly think is ‘humor’ offensive!


I’m pretty sure I understand what this is saying now, but it took me a few passes to parse it. I initially read it as “Tricking…to stop…from adding…isn’t hard” instead of “Tricking…isn’t hard”.


This wasn’t “humor.” It was an indictment couched ironically.


This type of willful-shortsightedness really tests my faith in humanity! It’s demoralizing to know that my own species is capable of such: A) Stupidity. B) Ignorance. C) Greed. D) Indifference. E) Maliciousness. F) Cruelty, Etc, Etc, Etc… :’(

  • X) Banality
  • Y) Callousness
  • Z) All of the above.


And it seems A and C are winning…



Are the anti-TTS DRMs set by publisher or author?


Every time someone builds a web page and doesn’t test it with a text browser, they are participating in the large-scale, systematic screwing over of blind people.


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