Drone detectives to identify evidence and create immersive simulations of crime scenes

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So it sounds like they’re just going to use photogrammetry and a drone, which there are a ton of projects available on github and then call it AirCSI. It could definitely be helpful as a way to see the space in VR after the fact, but I don’t see it as much of a game changer. For those curious about photogrammetry with a drone I’ve been using Aero-Ranger which is a free app that works with most DJI and a few of the other larger brands of drones. There’s better programs out there for drones and photogrammetry, but most run a monthly or annual fee which can be pretty steep. The more expensive ones allow you to use ground control units as well if you’re trying to get the space your surveying into a GIS type system to overlay on current maps. Apparently it’s used quite heavily in farming for aerial surveys and is becoming more common for engineering and surveying sites.


That looks like sphinx, drone simulation software i use at work.
We already make this kind of software, it uses photogrammetry to produce 3d scenes of a whole bunch of things using drones.


This has been done previously with tripod mounted scanners that have to be moved around and as a result have individual databases that have be stitched together later in the process. Drones and the available flight software mentioned above do all the work in one fell swoop. One could mount a scanner on a crane or ceiling above the crime scene I suppose.

Cool stuff.


It’s not new, some states have already done this for highway accident reconstruction. There’s also a company or two that’s doing arson investigation and reconstruction.

Yea, was thinking that too. I remember, literally years ago at the height of the Kinect, there were guys that had realtime 3d mapping their rooms etc.

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