Drone flyover shows construction on Apple's circular campus


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/11/drone-flyover-shows-constructi.html


i liked the funny part at 3:12 where the lawyerbot drone shoots back with the lawsuit stickyblob


They rounded the corners off the Pentagon


"Welcome to S.T.A.R labs."


Flying drones over cult headquarters seems to be trending these days.


Can wait for the climactic car chase on its roof in The Italian Job III!


It looks like a big Arc Reactor. Better check to see if palladium-poisoning is covered in the benefits package.


My first thought was "Oh look, it's GCHQ", but I guess GCHQ could probably fit in the middle with room to spare by the iron law of 'everything's bigger in America'.
(GCHQ probably has many, many more tunnels though)


So long as they don't paint the interior in a dingy-yellow color that looks dirty and old even when the paint is still wet.


When will it be ready to fill the center with water?


A monument to human ingenuity and tax dodging.


Isn't the tax dodging part of the human ingenuity, though?


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