Drone memo author to become federal judge


Appalling. Not surprising, unfortunately, but still appalling.


Quid Pro Quo, Barack.
Can you still hear the screaming of the Yemenite children?
I bet the firewood they were gathering burned REAL GOOD
when the Hellfire missiles torched their little bodies.


Democrats: The Party of the People.
Seriously, when did this become something we accept? Why does this continue? Why is Barack Obama not being called a war criminal along with Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld? The crimes perpetrated by the Bush administration continue unabated (and in many cases are being scaled up) under the Obama administration and somehow Obama is immune from the same level of criticism?


Think Jay Bybee and John Yoo [not a judge merely a tenured law professor]

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Harvard Law Professor: Terror > Fifth Amendment
Democrats: Sounds good, next!
Republicans: Benghazi!


The judge is a useful tool who is being rewarded.

Most wars have been fought for natural resources. And now we can also spread “the free market” to those countries who previously said “No, thanks”.

Those who financially benefit from war, banking, finance, oil, etc are the ones who really run our country. It’s all a well-orchestrated illusion. You can see it when you watch the news, read the paper, etc.

Welcome to The Matrix of illusion.

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You do read boingboing, right?

Obviously, I do. :smile:
Has BoingBoing denounced Obama as a war criminal and I just missed it?

Maybe not, but plenty of the readers/commenters have voiced disapproval.

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