George W. Bush's torture-justifying lawyer is worried about Trump's respect for the law


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Epic douchebag, but yeah - the Drumpfsterfire would be worse than what went on during his watch, which is kinda mind-blowing.


Wow, that’s daming when a douche bag like that puts you on the “unacceptable” list.


Next Trump talking point: Some people say I’m equal to Thomas Jefferson!


Were they also “twitter-aholics” too?


I never thought I’d say this, but…

Thank you for your opinion, guy who should be twitching on the end of a rope!


The enemy of my enemy is, well, still the enemy of everything good and decent, but potentially useful.


‘The enemy of my enemy is useful.’

I have a feeling this phrase will be exhausted (yet still true) well before November.



Shouldn’t every mention of him be preceded by the phrase ‘war criminal’?

For example: War criminal John Yoo thinks Donald Trump is bad.


“#flamingturd” has me giggling uncontrollably. Please go deposit this gem in the <a href=“"target=”_blank">jpg…riffraff bank.


What about Andrew “the court made a ruling against my genocidal campaign, let them enforce it” Jackson?



It sounds like more of a stylistic disagreement over evil, rather than a matter of even-evil-has-standards.

Yoo is practically a poster boy for lawful evil: His actual position ended up boiling down to ‘the president can do whatever he wants if he deems it to be in the interests of the American empire as he defines them’, which is functionally equivalent to abandoning rule of law entirely and just going full despot; but he retains a strong love of legal form and ritual: that’s why we got things like the torture memos: the customs of legality had to be observed with precision, regardless of the results, so while the law wasn’t allowed to actually place any serious constraints on what was going on, it was necessary for everyone to go through the motions of respecting the law, obtaining legal advice(made to order; but very official looking), and so on.

Trump is more of a neutral evil type: he is equally interested in doing what he wants; but has no sentimental attachment to legal formalities, so he’s willing to just propose doing illegal things or overturning legal institutions that seem inconvenient. It’s not clear that Yoo would be unwilling to write up a bunch of nonsense asserting Trump’s commander-in-chief-inherent-right-unitary-executive-whatever power to do whatever he wants to do; but the fact that Trump doesn’t care enough to ask is a total culture clash.


Reading the whole article, I had missed it when Trump basically threatened a judge who was presiding over a law suit against him saying: We’ll see what happens to you when I’m president.

Yeah, fuck Yoo. He’s angry that Trump is crass.


yeah I read the complaint as basically - I don’t think this guy would ever hire me.


Or maybe: If Donald Trump wants to do all these terrible things he should hire me to write him memos saying they are legal, otherwise they won’t be.


That’s the way it read to me. Yoo, like Kristol, wants to maintain opportunities to stroll through the revolving door one more time, and likes the safety that prestige brings. Trump won’t give him either.

I’ve never forgotten that men like Pinochet and Milosevic weren’t nailed in international courts until their warlord heydays had passed. The younger enablers of the Bush era can see that too. Cheney will be dead before the political winds shift. Yoo, probably not. Any major paradigm shift is a threat to him.


Christ what a late-stage hypocrasshole


Fuck him! And fuck Yoo too!