Drones that save power by hanging like bats and perching like birds

I wasn’t previously aware, but it doesn’t surprise me. Scavenging power has been an engineering problem of interest in a few of my jobs.

Thanks for sharing the interesting links.

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I was thinking a bio-mechanical version of the biorapters from pitch black.

As far as I can tell they have not taught the robots how to poop on people yet.

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When they do the rain of batteries is going to do some damage.


…as opposed to landing back on the ground.

But why are they opposed to that? Seems like they’re trying to be too clever.

GoT Season 8 Episode 3 possible spoiler.

That what Daenerys thought is episode 3.

I’ve thought about this when trying to figure out how a drone could travel from Boston to NYC, but instead of power lines they land on anti-collision aircraft beacons. Seems the thermal energy could be harvested somehow, and they pretty much dot the landscape every 10 miles or so.

At least it won’t be acid rain. They use lithium-ion batteries now.

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