UK prison deploys active anti-drone countermeasures to fight contraband smuggling


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I wonder if the drone could keep a camera trained on a particular location where the operator would be located and instead of transmitting data wirelessly they could use light to transmit data instead. Drone might still need GPS though, i don’t know.


Wow, is this a stupid idea. The jammer operates up to 1km? Nothing like taking out the legal drones too!


And WiFi, and GPS navigation, including self-driving cars…

Those yahoos are going to find out why we have quiet but serious laws against radio interference.


They should have dressed up their RF jammer’s antennas with plastic “gun barrels” like DroneShield did.


I’m definitely no expert but that’s probably the max distance at full power?


And I have to wonder what the cost of putting up some light mesh over all the open spaces would run.

Tiny drones have tiny ranges and tiny load capacities so one presumes these will be several inches or more across so ti need not be a terribly fine mesh. Polyester netting would probably do.

“Well, let’s see what we’ve netted today” could become fun for the guards.


Might become a problem with flying creatures depending of the area. Birds, bats, etc. I would be inclined to say that the jammer makes the most sense as it’s the most straightforward way to stop drones.


I’d have to say I can’t see that as being much of an issue in prison exercise areas and one that is overwritten by security needs. Only has to control areas where the prisoners have direct access without close supervision.


Not very useful around airports. Bring in the eagles.

Eagles vs Drones - YouTube
Video for eagle drone
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Sep 12, 2016 - Uploaded by Signals Daily
The first eagles trained to take down drones that could pose a threat to crowds or VIP’s have finished their …


I can’t imagine the eagles would be all that effective if someone were looking to counter them on purpose. All you need is slightly larger blades and make them out of harder material to hurt the birds.


armored talons? teach them to drop a trout on top?

I want my eagles!


With lasers on their heads? Or is that only sharks?


After a sacrificial drone takes out the eagle, how long to train a replacement?


My engineering days are long behind me, but I seem to recall seeing a proof that with enough bandwidth you can defeat any jamming. You can even send back pictures from Jupiter, which is one hell of a jammer.


Lol any jammer you could “fire” for that kind of range…should be activated at a distance.


Isn’t the eagle an endangered species?


Which species of eagle?


That might blind the pilots. Maybe a larger fish - a salmon or cod? Or they could drop a slinky into the blades.

If they could save Frodo, surely this is not outside the realm of possibility. They could drop a Frodo on them.