How to defend yourself from hostile consumer drones, US Army Edition


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seriously? army has no defense for drones?

Pat Flanigan might (tldw? skip to 1:55)


It looks pretty easy to me.


That is a lot of instruction that all boils down to: Everyone start shooting into the air!


Jamming is unrealistic? Are they guided by what the camera sees? How about blinding the camera with lasers? (or will that just better establish your position?)

Hit it with another drone?


I don’t think the Army uses shotguns, but maybe they soon will.


What about something like a barrage balloon?

Oooh, or a scaled down Phalanx close in weapon system?

Weaponized silly string?


The only step I don’t understand is why did he tape a camping plate to his thigh?


A metal washer trailing several feet of dental floss. Slingshot it through the rotors.


Anything that destroys or disables the drone, well you just gave away your position.


Reason eleventy-billion I love where I live…


I seem to remember that he is blocking a tracking device embedded in his thigh. This is a Hollywoood tracking device that only works in one direction :wink:


Ah. I have a plate just like that, so now I know what to do with it.


The only defense against a bad guy with a drone is a good guy with a drone.



that’s how I always do it too.


I see more hand-held jammers. With consumer drones, jamming both WiFi bands and GPS will probably take care of them.
It’ll have quite a lot of collateral jamming in a civilian environment, and require FCC permission.

It looks like such a Bad Boy weapon, but those “gun barrels” are just plastic covers for Yagi beam antennas.

I wouldn’t count on it working on a hacked drone.


This is why we can’t have nice things. Drones should be awesome, but legions of shit-posting perverts like this Drone Man will use them to anonymously creep on families. Sure it begins with bohemian people living on boats and celebrities, but more and more it includes ordinary people in their ordinary homes. And the cops won’t do anything unless the drones are armed (which some will be, but not many) or cause a hazard to ground or air traffic. How could they when there will be hundreds of thousands of unregistered drones operated by perverts, stalkers, trolls, Gamergaters, and other assorted creeps in the US alone? What good are felony charges if there’s no practical way to go after the offenders?


In nine out of ten cases, I’d opt for Manwë’s eagles. You can go for a Desert Eagle in the tenth case, but I would suggest bird lead shot ammunition…


Whoa. At about 1:44, a hummingbird almost finds itself in a very bad position.


I don’t know how common they are; but the DoD bothered to write a spec for them MIL-S-3443.

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