Shrapnel drone kills 6 at Yemen military parade

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I found out multiple people are making “guns” that take out drones by overriding their signals. They don’t have to look like something out of Ghost in the Shell, but several do.

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The thing with those guns is that that they’re jamming the remote control signal, which either allows them to put their own signal in and move the drone, or (more likely) hope to trigger a a fail safe mode where the drone automatically lands.

Going to be interesting when people start putting visual and inertial guidance in these things, because then there’s nothing to jam. You just have to destroy it physically.


As I understand it, yes, it triggers them to land.

So…not if but when, then.

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These are the military equivalents of Uber; disruptive tech that upends conventional threat assessment. Imagine a saturation attack of hundreds of these slow cruise missiles, each of which costs only a couple thousand , compared to the three million patriot that probably could not even target these

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