Sculpture makes drone strike casualties more visceral for viewers


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Surely, to accurately reflect the “pin-point” accuracy of assassination by Hellfire, Paveway, JDAM or whatever, this installation should involve a hall full of people and an explosive die-pack. The implication of these cap guns seems to be that the drone is acting like some Terminator-style Hunter-Killer, sniping lone targets; rather than killing everyone in a wide radius around the intended target with a high-explosive device.


War with drones is kind of scary. What are practical anti-drone countermeasures on a future battlefield? Missile detectors?


Chaff. Long shape-memory wires that’ll snap from being compact coils into hundred foot death wires with a little heating. CWIS type sentries, AA Flak guns, shotguns, anti-missile missiles, Electromagnetic warfare. Jamming. Counter-drones.

Ask @shaddack he’s full of technical conjectures.


Well yeah but since drones can target you anywhere as you’re out and aboot, driving around or whatnot, the countermeasures would need to also go with you at all times.


Is that any different than being targeted by infantry forces? If you’re out and about, you gotta be either hidden really well, or wear your armor, and sit in an armored vehicle etc. The only real difference is the angle of acquisition and attack.


It is quite a bit different, since the drones are unmanned air vehicles and they can follow you almost anywhere with almost no footprint. I get the impression the drones are really effective at taking out targets in a way that feet on the ground… aren’t.


I think they’re just a cheaper version of hunter-killers, assassins if you will.

A well-trained agent in the field with a little poison or a small gun has gotta be just as unnoticeable as a machine in the sky launching rockets onto ground targets.


It seems to me that a non “scary” war is a contradiction in terms, no?

Personally I believe that if my country decides a particular war is worth fighting, then it should do so with boots on the ground, and lots of them. Because (a) that is the only way that wars are ever won, and (b) it reminds us every day that war comes with a terrible price even for the victor, and that we should become involved in them only when there is no acceptable alternative.


Maybe to keep war fair, the infantry should all slowly march forward in lockstep lines, too?


make another one that shows each death via terrorism. For extra points, segregate each death via kind of terrorism. Say one for christian right wingers, one for radical islam, one for eco terrorists, one for neo-communists or whatever putin is, etc etc


To keep war really fair, the politicos and banksters should be forced into the first line.

…or at least shot from behind by their own citizens.


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