Drug Policy director Ethan Nadelmann debates former DEA Chief in marijuana debate

https://youtu.be/D05OI982hUY?t=2m [Video Link] Yesterday, Drug Policy Alliance’s executive director Ethan Nadelmann debated former DEA Chief Asa Hutchinson about marijuana legalization at the Aspen Institute. If you don’t want to watch the full hour-long debate, just watch Nadelman’s awesome rant. READ THE REST

Prohibition seems to come down to you can keep the fun stuff away from the people for so long and then they will just say, “Oh bullshit. Just hand it over and shut up.” We are at that point.


I watched a bit, but the prohibitionist arguments are the same as ever, and so infuriatingly stupid that it’s horrible to watch.


You underestimate the power of pants-wetting fearmongering. I expect within a year this man will be sharing a cell with Snowden, in the space-prison Torment-VII.

Pink lady don’t clap.

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