Drugs - make the UK Govt talk!

An e-petition to inspire the UK government to actually talk about the prohibition based approach to narcotics management - this might actually lead to some enlightenment.

Edit: Possible better link: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/45969

Sign it - needs about another 40k people in 2 days!

I’d sign it, but I’m American.

And the site is blocked here via a web filter because it’s an “advocacy organization.” Since when is that NSFW?

That’s hysterical! “Advocacy organisation” - the dirty intentions of people publically supporting things! Just imagine!

Check out

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Basically, it’s clear the current approach isn’t working (but wait! hasn’t it held back the flood? No.), and enlightened countries like Portugal are trying to fix stuff.

I’m all for legalising pot. Let’s take that as a first step. Them’s that want it, get it, just probably pay a little more for it than they would otherwise.

I’m way to busy to partake - so I don’t have skin in the game other than as a neutral observer.

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To all and any who signed this petition - they got over 100,000 signatories, so now the discussion has indeed been levelled-up!

Good news.

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